Puppies vs. stress, the ultimate sell-out and more in this week’s link roundup.

Happy Friday, Brazenites!

Welcome to the official holiday season. We hope you’ve managed to keep your stress level down so far.

Here are some good reads to keep you entertained, prepared and otherwise distracted from all the buying and wrapping and miscellaneous merry-making:

1.  Sick of all the usual job-search advice? May we recommend learning how to job hunt, zombie-style?

2.  Even if you’re “out” in your personal circles, does that mean you should make your preferences known at work? Check out this provocative article that discusses why younger LGBT employees are less likely to come out at work, whether you should consider doing it and how to go about it.

3.  We all want it, but we rarely get it — Brazen contributor Rebecca Thorman discusses how to achieve inbox zero over at U.S. News & World Report.

4.  Why stop at just colleges? This could really catch on in some offices: Dalhousie University sets up a “puppy room” to help students deal with exam time stress.

5.  You may be well-prepared for a typical interview, but what about an interview over a meal? Brush up on your table manners and restaurant etiquette before your lunch interview (or meeting).

6.  It’s not too early to start thinking about your New Year’s resolution. See what the Wall Street Journal predicts will be the must-have job skills for 2013.

7.  There’s personal branding, and then there’s this. The man behind IWearYourShirt is now selling the rights to his last name to the highest bidder. (Bids end December 12th, so get yours in now!)

Have you read anything this week that’s worth passing on? Share it with us in the comments!


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