As football players are in full swing at training camp, take these cues from the NFL to launch your own career boot camp.

This week, NFL players are in full swing at training camp, and by July 27th, all teams will be busy evaluating players and prepping to get the top spot in the league come Super Bowl.

As players get into rigorous exercises and testing, it’s only natural for me to think, in terms of career, how professionals can take a page from the NFL and conduct their own professional training camp that will allow them to evaluate whether they’re prepared for their next season.

Coaches often have to make hard choices to accommodate the needs of the bigger picture. They answer to players, owners, fans and their own desire to excel. In some cases, as a professional or entrepreneur, you’re the coach and the player. In others, your boss is that coach, evaluating whether you’re a key member of the team or someone who might lead to more losses than wins. Either way, we all have bottom lines to consider, and as a leader, one should be advancing, not regressing.

Are you prepared to excel in the next phase of your career? Do you have the right people around you to take you to the top of your field? Do people, things, habits need to be cut or modified for you to go to the next level professionally? Are you pushing yourself to the best of your abilities? What’s your game plan?

If you’re a bit lost on where to start, try similar steps as the NFL:

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