It’s an emerging trend: GenY workers defecting from cushy corporate jobs to pursue their passion—even if that involves working the burrito assembly line.

Many things have been said about GenY in the workplace that are not so flattering: They’re lazy. They’re selfish. They expect to have everything handed to them. We’ve debunked plenty of these myths in the past, but there’s nothing like a real-world example to show how Millennials really are “a different beast” altogether, as Hasnain Zaidi puts it.

Who is Hasnain Zaidi? Just a young man who spent a few years after college working for the prestigious (and well-paying) management consulting firm Bain & Company, only to decide he’d rather do something more rewarding and creative with his life. So he left his cushy corporate job to work the burrito assembly line at Chipotle…and eventually wound up opening his own restaurant.

As reported in AOL Jobs:

Zaidi is one of a growing army of young people who are defecting from high-paying jobs in finance and consulting to pursue more passionate work. There’s Mark Ramadan and Scott Norton, who were business and finance consultants, before they launched the gourmet ketchup company Sir Kensington’s. And Benjamin Benton, who left his hedge fund job to start a fashion line. There’s even a website, Escape the City, that helps corporate and finance types find more fulfilling employ, founded by Rob Symington and Dom Jackman, former Ernst & Young consultants.

…”I think they realized that our generation is a different beast,” Zaidi said about his parents’ response to his career change. “It’s not get in at the entry level and work 20 years to make your way to the top. It’s much more about blazing your own path and finding what’s going to be fulfilling to you.”

You can check out the full article, including a Huffington Post Live interview with Zaidi, here.

What do you think about Zaidi’s radical career change? Would you give up a high-paying job for more “real-world” skills you could apply to your passion?


  1. Kizi 10

    I think that your perspective is deep, its just well thought out and really fantastic to see someone who knows how to put these thoughts down so well.

  2. rembo666

    Uhm, people do this all the time. People of every age and every generation quit their jobs to pursue their passion. Not to diminish the people who do this–it does take balls, but they’re not special just because they’ve GenY.

  3. jrandom421

    And how many more years is it going to take to pay off those student loans? Probably quite a few more.

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