If you want to get a lot of eyeballs on your work, here’s one way to do it.

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Whether you’re seeking a job or looking to advance your career, using social media to raise your visibility is a must. Yet if you want to stand out — either in a stack of resumes or when your boss needs someone to head up a new project — don’t just do what everyone else is doing. Instead, go beyond the cliché of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

How? Write a blog post — for someone else’s blog.

Is this more time-consuming than sharing a link on Facebook? Absolutely. Is it more difficult than banging out 140 characters on Twitter? You bet. Does it seem strange to write for someone else’s blog rather than your own? Certainly.

Yet put the time and effort into crafting a thoughtful piece, and you’ll likely experience a rich range of rewards. At minimum, you’ll demonstrate thought leadership, make a name for yourself and earn a byline in which you can link to your resume or website. Even better, you could land a promotion, secure a job offer or generate new business.

For my part, guest blogging has led to a variety of opportunities. For example, my first commentary for Mashable produced the following fruits:

Heady results for 500 words, right?

Here’s another personal example. A few months before my Mashable debut, I spoke to the American Marketing Association’s Washington, D.C., branch about how to win friends and influence bloggers. Afterward, I published my presentation on SlideShare and milked it for three blog posts. The former has been viewed almost 10,000 times.

(Of course, it helps that I did my own PR, tweeting to people and companies mentioned in the post and presentation and blasting the links to everyone in my address book.)

Jen Moire, a PR pro in St. Louis, has pursued a similar path (though instead of opining, she reports). In the spring, she wrote her first article for All Facebook. Today, she’s a regular contributor, with all the benefits this brings: more Twitter followers, traffic to her website, new contacts and a reputation as an insider that boosts her business.

Marketing firm Eloqua offers another case study. Over the past year, Eloqua has risen to prominence in the social media space on the strength of its community offerings. Recently, the firm detailed the success of an infographic it called the Blog Tree:

  • 1,000 tweets
  • hundreds of inbound links
  • 49 sales-qualified opportunities
  • introductions to the bloggers featured in the infographic

On this last bullet, Joe Chernov, who oversaw the project, tells me that these intros later blossomed into partnerships, whereby the bloggers contributed to Eloqua’s e-books, both its Grande Guides and the Social Media ProBook.

So whether you’re penning an op-ed or delivering a speech, reporting the news or developing an infographic, guest blogging can open up unexpected doors. Now it’s up to you to start knocking on them.

Jonathan Rick is the president of the Jonathan Rick Group, a social media agency in Arlington, Va. He tweets at @jrick.


  1. Anonymous

    add me to the list of twitter followers by guest-posting. nice article.

  2. MyCollegesandCareers

    What fantastic results from one guest post, Jonathan! I may need to reevaluate and make more time for guest blogging… -Sarah

  3. Jordan Thomas

    I found this really helpful and I look forward to checking out future posts by you.


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  5. Bluetext

    Here’s another example. Last week, one of our partners (Don Goldberg) wrote a blog post for Politico on the Herman Cain scandal (http://t.co/lsUdZrFm). The piece made its way to the Los Angeles affiliate of NPR, which earlier this week interviewed Don on the same subject. The affiliate, KPCC, gave Bluetext shout-outs in the interview intro and on its website (http://t.co/yILK6XAL).

  6. Andrea

    Do you have any suggestions for how to find the best blogs to offer a guest blog?

  7. Jonathan Rick

    Hey Andrea –

    Good question. I covered this in my presentation, “How to Win Friends and Influence Bloggers”:


    Also, here are two examples of blogs that, at once point, were specifically seeking guest posters:

    * http://lindsayolson.com/call-for-guest-bloggers/

    * http://passivepanda.com/guest-posts

  8. Meronagar

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  14. Anonymous

    Bloggers, how would we know things without them. I am part of the community, and I’m proud of it.

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