Being awkward is no longer a point against you -- in fact, your quirks can make you a great leader. Here’s how to leverage them.

It used to be quite taboo to be the awkward coworker, friend or beau. Being awkward, like the concept of being a “geek,” just wasn’t the cool thing a decade or so ago.

Now, award-winning celebrities and creatives like “Awkward Black Girl” creator Issa Rae and Girls creator and star Lena Dunham have made it cool to be, well, not-so-cool yet extraordinarily unique and wacky…

For me, awkward truly means going against what’s considered a norm and just doing you. (Click here to tweet this thought.) Leaders are able to manipulate that quality so it’s advantageous to them and what they’re trying to accomplish. Maturity (and quite a few snafus) have taught me that being awkward isn’t so bad, as long as you know your limits.

So, to pay homage to such a powerful — and now, monetizable — quirk in leadership, here are three ways to leverage the awkward in you…

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  1. Allison Pollard

    I love this article. As a coach, I’ve helped people embrace their “awkwardness” (geekiness) to be more authentic and more effective in their lives. I find it helpful to share my own awkwardness to break the ice. 😉

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  3. Guest

    “Awkward”: the new P.C. word for annoying fuckwit who forgets proper hygiene and talks incessantly about Star Trek. Up is down; right is wrong; bad is good. Double-plus liberal self-esteem bullshit with a side order of participation trophy.

    Sheldon Cooper has no place but the mental institution. Enough “geek pride” already. Also, Lena Dunham is a fat, ugly whore. To see a BUSINESS website mention that exhibitionist piece of trash is a severe blow to credibility.

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