Whether you’re feeling a case of the “blahs” or have hit a burnout point, these tips will help you re-energize yourself and your career.

There’s always that sentiment noted over and over again: Millennials are lazy, entitled and unmotivated.

(But, smart people who aren’t wearing bias-tinted glasses know we are some of the most charitable, civic-minded, physically active, entrepreneurial and innovative groups on Earth.)

As with any stereotype, some of our peers make it easy for employers and senior professionals to raise a discerning eyebrow, failing to push past average and beyond limitations to go above and beyond for greatness.

Even those of us constantly making boss moves in an effort to upgrade our careers and livelihoods have those moments of laziness, where sloth wins over making power plays.

(My Granny will often scold me in my moments of weakness: “I’m almost 90 and I’m able to wake up early and get things done. Why are you tired?” How embarrassing, right?)

So, whether you just haven’t felt that burst of enthusiasm for anything after college graduation, or you’re in a phase of burnout that’s just lasted way too long, try these five steps to shake it all off:

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