Great content from across the web. This week: Chelsea Clinton's personal brand, media diet hacks and more!

Hi there Brazenite! Hopefully you’re enjoying an awesome weekend wherever you are!

Here’s some cool reading for you to peruse this afternoon:

1. How to make solid contacts over the Holidays

2. The #1 way new grads get hired

3. Good information for anyone in marketing: 3 common PR sins and how to fix them

4. Chelsea Clinton is doing more with her personal brand

5. Workers are fighting employers who don’t let them rant about their jobs on social media

6. How easy is it really to make money from blogging?

7. Media diet hacks

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  1. Jmcman05

    I stumbled across this website that discusses the human condition. I am certainly not usually into this sort of stuff but i just thought that you guys might look at it and see what you think

  2. John

    Pretty useful stuff. Chelsea Clinton’s husband is also starting his own hedge fund! I doubt that her celebrity will help him raise any money 😉

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