You've heard "follow your passion" a million times, but how do you actually DO it? Today's Brazen leaders and entrepreneurs weigh in.

You’ve heard the “follow your passion” advice a million times over — but how do you actually do that?

How do you make time to pursue your passion, whether it’s a side hustle, a hobby or starting a whole new business — especially in the midst of all the other things you’re responsible for as a Brazen young adult?

Well, the best way to learn is to look to those who are already doing it successfully. We asked some of today’s top entrepreneurs, thought leaders, speakers and bloggers how they make time to follow their passions.

If you want to know how it’s done, read on!


Ash AmbirgeAsh Ambirge, Founder of The Middle Finger Project (@TMFProject)

I don’t. I only spend my time on my passion; anything else is a waste of it.




Corbett BarrCorbett Barr, Creator of Think Traffic (@corbettbarr)

By methodically cutting everything I’m not passionate about out of my life and work.





Jenny BlakeJenny Blake, Founder of Life After College (@jenny_blake)

The answer is already in the question: You have to make time. Start small — 15 minutes a day or one hour a week — and commit to getting over that initial hump of resistance. Once you get going, your momentum will build on itself and you will no longer need to force it. For a GREAT book on this topic, check out Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog! He says that if you have two frogs in a given day (big, hairy task that you’re procrastinating on), eat the uglier one first. 🙂


Catherine CaineCatherine Caine, Boss Lady of Cash & Joy (@CatherineCaine)

Often I don’t. My passions never go far, so I can regularly ignore them and they’ll come back to me, demanding attention. I think maybe that’s the definition of passion: the things you can’t keep ignoring.




Arvind DevaliaArvind Devalia, Coach, Author, Speaker and Blogger at Make It Happen (@ArvindDevalia)

Making time for my passion is easy! I love walking and being in nature, so every day I allow at least 30 minutes to walk in my local parks.




Scott GerberScott Gerber, Founder of Young Entrepreneur Council (@scottgerber)

I live my passion every day — helping entrepreneurs succeed and connect. I have built my passion into who I am and what I do. Rather than “finding time” to do what you love, find how to make what you love to do what you actually do, and you’ll be better for it.


Ryan HealyRyan Healy, Co-Founder and COO of Brazen Careerist, Inc. (@rjhealy)

Unfortunately, there is no secret. You just have to find the time. It’s going to be hard, and it’s going to take time away from doing other things, but if you put one foot in front of the other for long enough, you will figure it out.



Benny HsuBenny Hsu, Blogger and Appreneur at Get Busy Living (@benny_hsu)

You have to make time. Time just doesn’t magically appear for us. Do a time analysis of your day, and find where you’re spending time doing unnecessary things. Especially look at how much time you spend watching television and mindlessly surfing the Internet. Even just waking up 30 minutes earlier each day can create time for you to follow your passion.



Craig JarrowCraig Jarrow, Founder of Time Management Ninja (@TMNinja)

You have to ask yourself, “What am I willing to give up for my passion?” Time, money, sleep or even your job? All great things worth doing take sacrifice. What are you willing to give up to achieve yours?



Danielle LaPorteDanielle LaPorte, Author, Business Strategist and Inspirational Speaker (@daniellelaporte)

Focus on truly meaningful goals, and you’ll be amazed at how easy it becomes to say no to the wrong things and yes to the right things.



Jonathan MeadJonathan Mead, Chief Troublemaker at Paid to Exist (@jonathanmead)

I don’t see any other option.





J. MoneyJ. Money, Founder of Budgets Are Sexy (@budgetsaresexy)

You hustle your sweet little a$$es off and get busy early in the morning, during lunch breaks, other breaks, and then at night, too — whatever it takes. Everyone has the same amount of hours in the day, but it’s all in prioritizing what’s important to you. And if you really do love this passion of yours, then it’s not like you’re really “working,” anyways. 😉


Bobby OcampoBobby Ocampo, Director of Revolution (@ocampob)

Make your work your passion, and you’ll have plenty of time to follow it.






Joan OttoJoan Otto, Editor of Man Vs. Debt (@manvsdebt)

If it’s important to you, put it on the calendar. In addition to my work with Man Vs. Debt, I have a part-time job and do significant side freelance work. But I’m at tae kwon do class at least three nights a week. Those nights are on my daily to-do list at the beginning of the week alongside email tasks, blog posts I want to write and more.




Andrea OwenAndrea Owen, Founder of Your Kick-Ass Life Coaching (@andrea_owen)


It’s a non-negotiable. I look at it as a basic need like food, water and shelter. With that attitude, it’s easy to make time.



Photo159783-FullSrinivas Rao, Host/Founder of Blogcast FM (@skooloflife)

I’m an avid surfer. That means working at nighttime so I can spend time surfing in the morning. It’s all about managing time effectively. If you wouldn’t spend your money on useless stuff, why would you do that with your time?


Joel RunyonJoel Runyon, Founder of Impossible HQ (@joelrunyon)

You have to make it a priority. Cut out the stuff that you waste time doing or don’t really care about (watching TV, playing videos, spending countless hours online), and you’ll find you have a whole swath of time available that you didn’t know you had.





Jody ThompsonJody Thompson, Co-Founder of CultureRX and The Results-Only Work Environment (@JodyROWE)

If it’s really your passion, you’ll find the time. Too often, we put off doing the things that make us happy for another day. Focusing on your passion first will give you more energy and focus to do the other things in your life.





Carol TiceCarol Tice, Owner of the Make a Living Writing Blog and The Freelance Writers Den Community (@TiceWrites)

I’m ruthlessly organized and prioritized. Constantly looking for ways to be more productive and time-efficient. I have three kids, I like gardening, Israeli dance, baking bread, fine film and food… so I need time for my life!


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  2. Tom McDermott

    You shouldn’t “follow your passion” or “pursue your passion” – it should be a natural outcome of what you do. The problem with telling everyone to “follow” or “pursue it” is that they “love” as their primary search engine, and most of us love many things we’re not very talented at, and it’s not where our gift is. All you have to do is look at American Idol for evidence of that, or the countless people that pursue sports but don’t have the talent. However, if you discover what your unique gift is, and pursue your life’s work by sharing your gift, you will absolutely love what you do. Just as you can’t search for fulfillment – it’s a natural outcome of fulfilling your purpose, by sharing your gift with the world. These are natural outcomes and not something you should search for…

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  4. Adrienne

    I am so glad I saw this today. It’s perfectly timed. I’ve been following my passion and creating a professional development membership site and last night had to face the reality that it’s hard work and really questioned if I was doing the right thing. Thank you for this dose of inspiration!!!

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