Ever felt like college didn't teach you the skills you need to be successful? Listen to this.

So there’s this awesome job, the sort of job you’d just die to land (and tell your friends about)! But the awesome job isn’t nearly like the job you have now. So how do you make it from current job to awesome job?

In our podcast series, we’re hoping to provide insights and answers to that very question. We talk to young people who have amazing jobs or are doing something really cool and interesting and ask them how they did it. So listen along for good information and some inspiration, too.

If you’ve ever felt like college taught you nothing about how to succeed professionally, keep reading.

It was that exact realization that led writer Michael Ellsberg on a path of self-discovery, big bucks and professional fulfillment. Ellsberg was so broke while he was trying to make it as a writer in his 20s that he moved to Argentina — just so he could afford to live.

He now makes six figures, has mentors he respects and supports himself by doing work he enjoys. In his book, The Education of Millionaires: It’s Not What You Think, and It’s Not Too Late, Ellsberg writes about how he turned his life around over the last few years by learning how successful college dropouts and self-educated entrepreneurs.

In the interview, we discussed some of the lessons he learned, such as how to get a great mentor (and how old your mentor should be), how to support yourself doing work you love and the most important skills you won’t learn in college.

Michael Ellsburg

Listen to the interview now:


Jaclyn Schiff is managing editor of Brazen Life. When she’s not Brazenly thinking about careers, she can often be found writing or tweeting about obscure diseases or media trends.


  1. Richard

    Great podcast, really inspired me!

  2. Iris Eben

    Loved the interview! Will be implementing his advice!

    • Jaclyn Schiff

      Thanks Iris! I really got sucked in while talking to him, he has a great way of explaining things and offers excellent advice.

  3. Amily Joe

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  6. The Cubicle Rebel

    A person who will “move to Argentina” because the jobs here weren’t paying enough? That, my friend, takes a lot of balls.

  7. Anonymous

    It is very useful and interesting information.

  8. moulnathan

    Brilliant input! I would like to say thank you for this kinda helpful and useful tutorial. Thanks mate and keep it up!

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