Get inside recruiters’ heads to ace the resume review, impress with your application and wow the hiring manager at your interview.

One of the most frustrating moments in a person’s career is when they’re either 1) unemployed and looking for a job, or 2) employed but looking for a better job. Along with thousands of other professionals, at some point during your career, you may have found yourself in such a predicament.

Consequently, you may have adopted the miserable “I’ve applied to tons of positions, but no one is hiring or calling me back” mentality.

To help professionals overcome this debilitating “no one is hiring” mindset, Alysse Metzler wrote The Recruiting Snitch: Recruiting Secrets to Help Land Your Dream Job. The Recruiting Snitch is loaded with secrets that 101 recruiters and hiring managers have revealed about their hiring methods.

Practice makes perfect, and knowledge is half the battle. So once you really know what’s going on inside recruiters’ heads, you will be able to ace the resume review, get through the application process, impress the recruiter on your phone interview, wow the hiring manager in the face-to-face interview and have a smooth offer process,” Metzler writes.

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