If you haven’t had luck with traditional job search methods, here’s an outside-the-box approach to try. It pays to get creative!

Think you’ve tried everything to land a job?

While you may have tweaked your resume and worked on your interviewing skills, have you considered using search ads to get noticed?

If you’re in the marketing field, it makes fantastic sense for you to use search advertisements in your job hunt. But it makes sense for other career fields, too. Here’s my experience as an Internet marketer looking for a job:

How I used search ads for my job search

When my career coach suggested I try search ads, I wasn’t so sure it was a good idea. But the more I thought about it, the more I figured it couldn’t hurt.

My first obstacle was building a cover letter and resume website. I purchased HireMatthewSchmoldt.com from Namecheap, then used WordPress to build my site. Here’s a guide if you need some help setting up WordPress.

Once the homepage had my cover letter, a link to my resume and my contact information, I turned to creating custom landing pages for the companies I was targeting. Making custom tailored pages for each company you target is vital.

I also altered my generic cover letter to include company-specific information. Using that information shows you’re invested in the company and actually care about them as opposed to just landing any old job.

Where Google’s AdWords comes in

Once you have your website and custom landing pages created, it’s time to learn about Google’s search advertising program called AdWords. AdWords provides an incredible number of choices and options. Here’s an excellent beginner’s guide on AdWords.

For my campaign, I bid on the target company’s name as my search keyword. If you were targeting the company “YOOODLE,” you’d use “YOOODLE” as your keyword.

If the company is in a specific state, geo-target your ad to only show up in that state. This will save you money. (You can’t use this option if the company is a big multi-national company.)

When you write the ad text, Google wants you to be as pertinent as possible to your keyword. Try to use the keyword in your ad copy once or twice, in a natural way. You’ll also want use the keyword and the company’s name naturally on the landing page you’ve crafted.

Here’s an example of one of the ad copies I used:

How were the search ads received?

Forty percent of the companies I targeted contacted me for a phone interview.

Not bad, right? If you haven’t had luck with traditional job search methods, this is one outside-the-box approach to try.

Matthew Schmoldt is a serial Internet entrepreneur. He is the founder of Oh, the things you can buy, a project where he showcases really cool gadgets.


  1. Ramon

    Why would a company that is consider hiring you google their company name? If instead you would have used the name of the hiring manager or maybe a topic relevant to the industry or field you’re applying to your ad would have appeared more often and possibly received calls from more than 40% of the companies you applied to. I don’t mean to burst your bubble but if you did it how you explained it, you did it wrong.

    • Rigo

      Companies “Google” themselves very often. Many times daily to check perception, recognition and news. 40% of the companies responding to him is an EXCELLENT response rate. Have you done what he is suggesting? What were your results? Unless you have answers for those, save the bubble bursting….

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  3. rslane32

    I don’t understand how the companies found you. were they searching for the keywords relevant to your desired position?

  4. CareerDesigner

    I think this is definitely thinking outside of the box. Not sure it is the right approach for everyone but pretty creative.

  5. Rigo

    Hi Matthew, this sounds like an awesome idea. At 40%, you’re batting .400 which would put you in the hall of fame. Excellent. Question – did you directly target hiring managers, when you knew who they were or simply target the company/firm that you were interested in? Second question, did you specifically target keywords? This sounds like an amazing technique. I can’t wait to do this ASAP!

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