These tips are sure to have potential employers banging down your door for a second date… er… interview.

Come February 14th, whether single or attached, you may be drowning your sorrows in a box of chocolates or glass of pinot noir. But this Valentine’s day, it’s not the dating scene that’s got you down: it’s the job search.

Instead of ending the night with a stomach ache (or beginning the next morning with a hangover!), take a lesson from a few of love’s overused clichés. These tips are sure to have potential employers banging down your door for a second date…er… interview.

First impressions matter

From a firm handshake to holding the door open, small gestures can make or break new relationships. And business relationships are no exception. According to one study by psychologists, second and third impressions that contradict the initial one only stick in particular situations.

To ace that first impression, be on time and pay extra attention to appearance and body language, says CareerBuilder.

Remember there are lots of fish in the sea

In this day and age, who hasn’t faced being turned down or dumped?

But does rejection mean we swear off the opposite sex forever? Of course not.

In the job search, it’s especially important to let go of ego and accept the inevitable denials. But why stay optimistic through the rejection? Because there are lots of other fish in the sea! Brad Karsh of Career Rookie agrees: “Just like dates, there will be some companies that just aren’t that into you. Don’t get discouraged; the right one is sure to come along.”

Be yourself

Sometimes there’s a lot of pressure to act how you think you should — both in dating and job interviews. But doing so will only lead you end up with the wrong person — or position.

If a potential employer asks whether you mind doing administrative work or know HTML, here’s a tip: be honest. He or she will likely appreciate an authentic answer more than a lie, especially one that will surface later on. Know your strengths and be upfront about your weaknesses. Remember that you’re trying to find a job that’s a good fit for both you AND the employer — the same mutual feelings necessary to a successful romantic relationship.

Go with your gut

Ever get that knotted feeling in your stomach like a date is just not what you thought it’d be? Sometimes you can’t pinpoint why these feelings present themselves, but they’re usually surprisingly on-the-mark. Trust your instincts if they arise during an interview, whether that gut feeling is good or bad.

According to one study, those who go with their “gut decision” typically end up happier in the long run.

Only fools rush in – so don’t be that fool

If you can help it, don’t settle for the first offer you get. Hold out for a job you will enjoy, one where you can succeed. Remember those high standards you have in your love life? Stick to them in the job search too, says Applicant.

Who knows? If you do, you just might find “the one” this year. The right job, that is.

Alyssa Martino is a writer and editor who loves digging for stories that connect people, place and possibility. Click your way over to her website to learn more.


  1. Anonymous

    Forget the fools rushing in part. Ready. Fire. Aim!

    I’ve never actually been interviewed (I’m on the other side of them) but here’s an interviewing trick that I wish someone had told me long ago. It’s called the reverse. It goes like this.

    Big Boss Interviewer – What are the reasons we should hire you?

    You – That’s a great question Mr Big Boss. Thank your for asking. Can you share with me some of the top qualities you’re looking for in a candidate for this position?

    [Now, the big boss will 98% of the time answer your question and TELL YOU exactly what they are looking for. Then, it’s on you to be honest (and not shady) now that you have the interviewing social dynamic leverage.]

    PS – if Big Boss then asks the same question back (the 2% of the time) answer that foo with something like. “I’m passionate, experienced and believe I can help make your company a Stage 4 or Stage 5 tribe. Read up on Stage 4 and 5 on my blog and you’ll get hired. Truuuuuuust me.

  2. Aubrey

    I never would have thought of dating and job hunting in the same way! don’t think i’ll be as nervous the next time!
    love this post!

  3. Bradley

    Ha! Not what I expected at all, I was expecting something like status and resources versus vitality. That probably says more about me than dating cliches though 😛

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