If a company can’t match your salary requirements, you may not have to cut and run. You may be able to negotiate other benefits that would be equally rewarding.

You can use all the tips you want to negotiate a higher starting salary for a new job. But sometimes, even the best negotiator runs up against a company’s budget limit.

So, what do you do when you’ve got a potentially good job offer, but the salary just isn’t good enough? Many would cut and run, but some job seekers are leveraging the negotiations to ask for other benefits instead of higher pay.

Alex Gedaninik, founder of the tech company Problemio, needed a day job while building his company but wasn’t happy with the best salary offered by a potential employer. As CBS News reports:

When he saw that they couldn’t meet him halfway, Gedaninik requested something that would dramatically improve his quality of life (both personally and professionally) but would cost the company nothing. “I asked to have a four-day workweek, in addition to being able to choose my task, because many of the tasks of this job overlapped with my business. So essentially I ended up working four days a week with some of that time still devoted to my business.”

You can check out the full article here.

Would you consider taking a lower salary in exchange for better benefits? What would you ask for instead?


  1. Candlelit

    I just wrote about this topic on Monday! I think negotiating for benefits other than salary is a great idea. It can advance a stalled negotiation and help you get a more comprehensive and personalized benefits package.

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