Denver’s Green Labs is no ordinary coworking space. Read on to find out what makes it unique. (Hint: It’s spelled W-E-E-D.)

Freelancers, entrepreneurs and side-giggers: Have you ever thought of joining a coworking space? It seems they’re popping up everywhere lately as a way to maintain in-person connections even when all your work is online.

Here’s a new coworking space to add to the list: Green Labs in Denver. To a casual observer, this shared office looks like all the others: sleek furniture, open workspaces, fast wifi, strong coffee, and plenty of networking events and classes.

Sounds great, right? Well, there’s a catch. As the world’s first cannabis coworking space, you can only join Green Labs if you work or invest in Colorado’s legal marijuana industry.

The booming business of weed

Don’t start picturing an office filled with bongs and Twinkies, however — this is much more than a high-tech frat house.

Two University of Michigan entrepreneurs recently founded Green Labs with the hopes of centralizing investment in the cannabis industry.

In their words:

“We cater to the new and rapidly expanding cannabis industry precipitated by the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado. Our members work side-by-side with other entrepreneurs, attract venture capital and private funding through our investment arm, the Denver Angels, and learn best practices in digital marketing, programming, and legal strategy.”

Since several states are soon predicted to follow in Colorado’s and Washington’s footsteps, THC-centric startups are only expected to grow in number — which means there might be a Green Labs in your city before you know it!

What other interesting coworking spaces have caught your eye?

Susan Shain (@TravlJunkette) is a travel blogger who loves helping people discover adventure through international travel or alternative careers.


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