Tweet Share Share +1 Pin EmailI just railed against the proliferation of sites that are about “how to be rich, be happy, quit your day job, have sex every day and live well.” I said something like these sites were

I just railed against the proliferation of sites that are about “how to be rich, be happy, quit your day job, have sex every day and live well.” I said something like these sites were “self-referential profanity of the mind” and “devoid of any value.”

So it is an unjust coincidence, let me tell you, that something I love would be named exactly, “Rich, Happy and Hot B-School.” Business coaches Marie Forleo and Laura Roeder run the online program, and I have a wee bit of a girl crush on them.

Once you watch one of their videos, you will understand. They’re smart, good-looking and uber-creative which would normally make me feel quite threatened (and a bit jealous, let’s be honest), but they only manage to make me feel all warm inside.

As a woman entrepreneur with multiple side projects and a full-time job to boot, I need guidance that can help my business and is entertaining, engaging and above all, effective. I need it to work. I don’t want it to take up too much time, and did I mention, I want it to work?

That’s my real problem with every other site that wants to teach you how to be rich and happy. I would never want to be like the people running it. I don’t want to emulate their lives; they’re sleazy! Not to mention, most have no freaking clue what they are talking about. They present abstract ideas that sound good in theory, but that’s where they stay, in theory, and never reach the tangible step of action and follow-through.

Marie and Laura, however, know what they are talking about. They speak from success and experience, and are focused on results. In an interview on Mixergy, Laura revealed that she made more than $300,000 from her business in 2010. Marie — who is a best-selling author, a “multi-passionate” entrepreneur and a master athlete — talked about how she has achieved so much during an appearance on The Rise to the Top. Besides all that, I would want to have drinks with them. Multiple times.

Let me stop gushing for a moment though, and let you know exactly why the Rich, Happy and Hot B-School gets me completely excited to rock my business:

  • It is refreshing to see women speak directly, with a great amount of humor and confidence (none of that self-effacing nonsense).
  • The duo are focused on helping women achieve, but anyone can get in on it. They skip the stereotypical and patronizing advice, and just dole out smart, effective and useful how-tos, tips, templates, stories and support that you can use today to increase the profitability of your business immediately.
  • They dive right into the nitty-gritty of what you don’t know how to do, and tell you exactly how to do it.
  • Their teaching style is amazingly fun; it is how learning is supposed to be. They’re exhilarating and give you all the right tools. They set you up to execute, over and over, and to do it well.

Shall I continue to count the ways I love Rich, Happy and Hot B-School? Probably not, I mean, you get the point, right? Now it’s time for you head on over and enroll.

It is single-handedly the best resource I’ve seen to start a new business or improve the one you have. I’m excited to see you there.

Rebecca Thorman writes exclusive content on entrepreneurship, media, gender and more through the screens of technology on her new blog Kontrary. She currently resides in Washington, DC and actively has many projects up her sleeve.

Brazen Careerist has partnered with Rich, Happy and Hot B-School, but this is the author’s personal opinion.

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