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You probably know Brazen has an incredible community of go-getters, young professionals who have rallied together around finding a job they enjoy. Many of you have been with us since back when we were a social network — and we love helping you continue to grow.

But did you know Brazen also partners with popular employers and universities around the country to put on virtual career fairs and networking events?

Our platform allows talented candidates to connect directly with recruiters, hiring managers and other decision-makers to see if there’s a match with a particular company or organization. Doesn’t that sound more civilized than applying to a standard job listing and never hearing anything back?

Many of our partners ask us to bring the best job candidates to these events, which means YOU have a chance to get recruited. This is your opportunity to take a step up in your industry and transition into your dream job.

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Get psyched about these upcoming events

This month, an impressive roster of employers, universities and organizations are hosting events on the Brazen platform. We’re excited to partner with Bryaman Construction, Geico, Raytheon Engineering, Intuit, and many more impressive employers who are looking to chat one-on-one about open positions — as well as make hires.

On the university side, we’re working with University of Rochester, Ohio State, Villonova, DePaul, Penn State, LaGrange College, Virginia Military Institute, and more to host networking events that help alumni and students make valuable connections. Don’t you want to be in on this goodness? Sign up for our newsletter to get on the invite list! If you’re with a university, employer or other group, click here to host your own online networking event. We’ll be in touch right away!


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