Forget business school—you can learn everything you need to know about project management from watching Psy bust some moves.

Forget business school or The Wall Street Journal—you can learn everything you ever needed to know about good project management from watching Psy, a 34-year-old Korean man, bust some moves in his YouTube hit video Gangnam Style.

In his video, Psy, noble man that he is, clearly demonstrates the top four things every budding project manager needs to know in what could be the happiest four minutes of that project manager’s life:

1. Assemble a talented team

Whether it’s breakdancing school children or an army of choreographed Asian models, assembling the proper team is crucial for your project’s success. Even Psy, arguably the most talented and capable man on Earth, wouldn’t have found the same success if he’d done Gangnam Style alone.

Compose a team of hardworking and creative people whose skills pick up where yours lack and watch as you all dance your way to achievement.

2. Break projects into manageable steps

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when undertaking a new project. Psy, with his trademark grin, removes the stress and anxiety that comes with executing a project by breaking it down into simple, easy steps.

With Gangnam Style’s step-by-step approach, learning a dance—or completing a project— has never been so easy. Organize your project Gangnam Style by breaking it up into small steps and then watching it come together as a beautifully executed whole.

3. Manage your budget

To get maximum gains from your project, you must create a workable budget. Outline a budget that is flexible enough to accommodate for change, generous enough to let the project meet its potential and frugal enough to help maximize the net gain.

As Gangnam Style teaches, it’s perfectly fine to splurge for one explosion per video, though two or three would be excessive.

4. Go global with social media

After all your hard work, you want to make sure your project gets the credit it deserves. Let the world learn about your project and all its mastery by utilizing digital media marketing platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and YouTube. Tweet project links to relevant stakeholders, write hyped-up blog posts with SEO until they rise to the top of the glorious Google search and, finally, call up your friend T-Pain to market your product to his million followers.

Without YouTube, the world might have never seen Psy break out his moves Gangnam Style. What a sad reality that would be.

Vanessa Fiorido watches a lot of YouTube at work. Sometimes she blogs about project management, too, at


  1. Renee Soulliere

    I have no idea what project management is, but I think I may want it as a career.

  2. Libby Sinback Tipson

    This is the stupidest article on project management I’ve ever read.

  3. Peter Ohmart

    Only a musician might understand this philosophy. Sorry to the rest of you. The idea being projected is correct: Putting creative people together to make a project together, Divide the project into smaller pieces so not to overwhelm any one person/group and finally MANAGEMENT: Time and Financial. This way you stay on target or ahead and do not spend more money than is allocated.
    That is all was intended by the comment.
    I agree that saying that you do not need anything else is ludicrous, but the summary is correct.

  4. Derek Emrie

    My version…get it done, done right, done on time, in budget and let everybody know you got it done! Hmmm, I’ve not even have the project management certification, scary huh?

  5. Kenneth J. Goltz

    It works! And like medicine, a lesson goes down better with a spoonful of sugar… I’ve learned more with one joke than hours of lecture!

  6. Amaya Becvar Weddle

    Another top thing every person in a leadership needs to role – strong body language! Psy’s charm comes from his confident posture and attitude. He has his hands on his hips, takes up space, and exudes confidence. That’s great business advice.

  7. Paul D. Giammalvo

    Hi Vanessa,
    I am a professor of Applied Program and Project Management and I think was a great assessment of “project management” and I am recommending that my students read this. (Note that my students are all mid-career path professionals working on their masters degree and not undergrads).

  8. Vanessa Fiorido

    haha well sorry to disappoint you Libby. Thanks for trudging through it anyway:)
    Thanks Paul, that’s pretty cool!
    Thanks to everyone else for commenting as well!

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  10. Mehrnaz Jahanzadeh

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  14. WaseeHaque

    Great idea. Project management with gangnam style will be fun. I am Wasee from

  15. The Travel Tart

    I think Gangnam Style is more fun for many people than PM stuff!

  16. Jess Holmes

    Probably the funniest and most engaging piece about project management I’ve read in a while. I’m definitely sharing this with my co-workers, thanks!

  17. Muhammad Usman

    Its really a fun version of the gangnam style. Its really appreciating.

  18. manandvan balham

    Probably the funniest and most engaging piece about I’ve read in a while. I’m definitely sharing this with my co-workers, thanks! Man and van epsom

  19. piyush

    gangum style… its too funny and get a good entertainment to people..

    i love this style

  20. Result Planet

    Its Really amazing Dancing Style even Crist Gayle do this Dance in Cricket Ground

  21. Joout

    I have been into Project and Program Management last 12 years. Have written and read a lot of material. By far – Gangnam style is the best way to describe it.

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  22. Trisha Agarwal

    Making a budget can be quite a satisfying process. After drawing one up, you’ll probably feel proud – and a little relieved – that you’ve seized control of your finances.

  23. priyanka ahir

    i will set the Gangnam Style in my cell ringtone. its amazing!

  24. Sumita

    Its about proper management and what audience want.
    Gangnam Style is revolution for any marketing.

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