Fox Business reports that most 20-something professionals say they would date a colleague. Would you?

Have you ever dated a co-worker? Would you?

Fox Business reports that most 20-something professionals say they WOULD date a colleague, according to a study from employee benefits provider Workplace Options. Older workers, however, generally say it’s a bad idea.

Here’s an excerpt from the story:

What’s the difference between the office and a singles bar? Well, nothing for some millennials.

According to a study by employee benefits provider Workplace Options, 84% of employees aged 18 to 29 say they would date a co-worker, and 71% say they think workplace romance is a positive thing that improves performance and morale. Their older colleagues disagree, as only 29% of those aged 46 to 65 say they’d consider dating someone they worked with, and 90% say it could do more harm than good.

Interested? Check out the entire story.

What do you think about office dating? Does your company have a no-dating rule? Would you ever act on that co-worker crush?


  1. Workingsirens

    I think it’s a bad idea. Even if you do your best to try to keep it secret, somebody always finds out, and proceeds to tell one person in the office and it spreads. These things can affect your career whether you like it or not. I blogged about this also …

  2. Rr

    This further proves my theory about Millennials being out of touch with society. For instance, when Millennials were younger, everyone received a trophy whether they succeeded or not. They were told “good job!” by their parents and teachers for doing absolutely nothing. Millennials are sexually promiscuous, lack family values and are completely out of touch with the workforce.

    FYI, I am a native California Gen-Xer and not some stuffy conservative.

    Perhaps the Millennial demographic is underemployed/unemployed because folks are tired of placating to Millennial’s entitlements.

  3. wwuni

    its true that when you grow up you are more keen on dating a co-worker, instead when you are younger you like to experience new kind of people which live different experience than yours

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