Have you ever noticed some people just seem to attract success? Here’s what they’re doing differently.

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Have you ever noticed that some people just seem to attract success?

They succeed at nearly everything they try. They even succeed when they fail. They’re “that guy/gal” who, for lack of a better term, just kicks butt. Period.

What separates these individuals who kick butt from those who don’t? Why do some people follow through on everything they set their minds to, while others abandon their pursuits?

If you want to attract success, you need to develop the ability to consistently deliver what matters. Focus on the fundamentals and don’t get lost in the detailstrim the fat, so to speak.

People who succeed consistently do so because they understand that executing upon principles will always be magnitudes simpler, more efficient and more effective than worrying about specific details (the minutiae).

You only have so much energy. Focus it on what really matters.

What really matters? Here’s a short list:

1. Honesty

Honesty is the best policy. Period. If somebody tells you that anything goes and the focus in business should always be on the money—the “ROI”—just walk away. Seriously, turn around and leave. A business built on smoke and mirrors is nothing more than a poisonous detriment to your character, your customers and your community.

Construct your castle on a strong foundation. Honesty will never steer you wrong. A well-executed, honest plan will last. It will have serious staying power. You will have a devoted following of people, a tribe, that won’t be able to get enough of the value you offer because they trust you.

Once you recognize that you are not always going to be good at everything, you can surround yourself with the right people and tools to help make your dreams come true. And you will grow as an individual in the process.

2. Hard Work

Always work your butt off. There is a huge misconception seeping around in entrepreneur and business circles nowadays that you can build massively successful businesses with only a couple hours a week. Shopping for your private island while you sit on a beach that you flew to with a free ticket that you travel-hacked during all that free time might sound appealing and sexy, but for the most part it is completely unrealistic—without the work.

The biggest secret to success is putting in the hours. Ask any successful individual, from franchise owner to Olympic athlete, and they’re all going to tell you the same thing: “I worked my butt off for this.”

3. Usefulness

Know your value and consistently deliver it. All of us have value that we can offer one another. The problem for many people is just figuring it out in the first place. Once you have your value proposition—your usefulness to the world—you need to consistently reinforce it. You need to develop it, hone it to the point of being absolutely outstanding and irresistibly useful.

With a career or business built around constantly delivering usefulness to the world, you cannot go wrong.

4. Communication

Let’s focus on two things here:

a. Communicating your value to the world

Once you’ve established your value, you must be able to market it, to get it out into the world honestly and let people know about it. Otherwise, nobody has any reason to care about the great things you are doing. They don’t even know you exist.

b. Communicating between individuals in your support network

The people around you matter—a lot. Whether you’re a solopreneur doing most of your work on social networks and in forums, or a big-shot out taking meetings with star clients and investors and interviewing for magazines and radio shows, communication between the people who matter to your achieving your goal is crucial to its success.

The road to attainment is a rocky one, usually involving both mountains and valleys, whatever your definition of success. It’s always better to have a traveling companion or two along for the journey.

5. Respect

Yourself:The reason you’re going after a dream or goal in the first place is because you respect yourself enough to earn something you know you deserve. Maintain this level of self-respect throughout the journey; protect it and cherish it.

Others: Your dreams will come true only with the help of other people. No one can do everything by themselves, especially in business. The nature of a business requires a consumer base. Whether your consumer base consists of two people or two billion, the same thing is true: people other than yourself are vital to your success.

The Journey: Lastly, respect the road you have chosen for yourself. The road to achieving a worthwhile goal is treacherous. Most people do not understand this. They expect Easy Street and instead find the Road to Mordor. And as we all know…



6. Failure

Failure is the best thing that can happen to you in life. And most people never get to experience it. They hide in their safe cubicles for 40 to 50 years, retire and die.

Failure’s not so bad. Really. With a positive mindset, failure is enlightening. The fact that you put yourself out there and made decisions that led to failure is awesome. The knowledge you gained from failing is quintessential to your eventual success. Now you know exactly what NOT to do.

When people go after a goal and fail, they never forget that feeling. At the present moment, it may be downright crappy, but in retrospect, most people come to appreciate just how valuable a nice faceplant can be for your personal development.

In fact, one of my favorite quotes is from Walt Disney: “You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.”

Christopher Walker is the Editor of NoGym.net, a male model and entrepreneur completely addicted to creating awesome stuff. You can connect with him on Twitter @CTheFlow and on Facebook.


  1. Bo Henley

    Great article. And I agree with your points, although I’d move ‘Communication’ up to either point 2 or 3 on my own list. We have so many forms of communication and few use it in the work environment (apparently we’re supposed to be telepathic). Thanks.

    • Christopher Walker

      Thanks Bo! You are totally right – communication has so much power to both solve, and cause, issues in life. And it’s especially hard sometimes in a work environment.
      – Chris

  2. Career Esquire

    Amazing article, loved it-especially the part on failure. Such a great life lesson.

  3. Gayle Quedens

    One can never have enough ‘fat-free’ advice 😉 Good stuff!

  4. PharmacyWeek

    Christopher, great article and definitely spot-on! Here is another great quote from someone I had the pleasure of knowing personally, Vince Lombardi: It’s not how many times you fall that matters, it’s how many times you get back up. Thanks again!

  5. Jaspal Rekhi

    Thank you Christopher for an amazing article. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  6. Sherri Otto McLeod

    Thanks Christopher…I just read your No Gym article about making our bodies our business…good stuff. I’m 59 1/2 this year and am enjoying a flexible, healthy body that I’ve made one of my priorities for a lifetime. I’ve had to operate on some skinny budgets most of my life and have come to appreciate fasting and Yoga and proper breathing. I never was able to develop a trusting relationship with doctors or insurance salesmen. Intuitively I felt that I was better able to listen and take care of my own body. And after a few scary deals with synthetic pharmaceutics…I have realized that security is not attainable…everybody needs to play their health card with fear and trembling. And I want to say that your 5th Point about respecting ourselves for reaching for our own portion…well, that’s the way I interpretted your point. I realize that I have 10 years before I’m 70 and it’s time for me to use my power to fulfill my own life. I’ve worked to support the people I love and now I need to turn to myself and put something out there. Is that my Swan Song?

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  10. van my

    Thanks Christopher Walker, amazing post tu bep

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