We all want to be more productive. But it’s hard to achieve when you’re not asking yourself answerable, actionable questions—like these.

We all want to increase our productivity; in today’s go-go-go workplace (and world), it’s necessary for survival. But it’s also something that most of us struggle with.

One writer argues that it’s because we’re asking ourselves the wrong question.

As Charlie Gilkey writes on Productive Flourishing:

“How can I be more productive?”

It’s a question that many of us ask ourselves without realizing that the question, as stated, is impossible to answer. Just as I prefer achievable goals, I prefer answerable questions.

Here are 50+ better questions to ask than “how to be more productive.” Some are different ways of saying the same things, but that’s a good thing.

Examples of questions that are more “answerable” (and therefore actionable) include “Are you clear on what the priority of work is?” and “What could you get done in the next 30 minutes that would either check an important block or make headway towards doing so?”

You can check out the full post and all 52 questions here.

How can these re-framed questions help you be more productive today? Any light bulbs go off as you read them?


  1. alarmas

    if you want to be more productive just forget about social networks for while.

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