Are you getting the most from your LinkedIn profile? This handy infographic will help you boost your networking efforts.

You probably know you should be using LinkedIn to boost your networking efforts and make valuable career connections. But if you’re like most young professionals, chances are you’re not using it nearly as much as you should be — in part, because you’re just not sure how.

Fortunately, WhoIsHostingThis put together this handy infographic to show you easy ways you can get the most from your LinkedIn profile. From connecting with new people to promoting your profile, it’s an easy guide to LinkedIn 101.

Check it out:

LinkedIn infographic


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So, what are you waiting for? Go forth and maximize your LinkedIn profile!


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  2. Tommy Landry

    Good stuff – the key point is to use the platform in the way it is intended to be used – as a professional profile and networking service. It’s okay to post personal or silly stuff on Facebook, but it doesn’t put forth one’s best image to approach LinkedIn the same way. I, for one, have gotten an immense amount of value from LI, probably the most of all the social networks.

  3. Politicalsocialworker

    Some of this info is outdated. LinkedIn Answers was discontinued last year.

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