Demand is high for web-wise workers with analytic and communication skills. But when it comes to social media, what exactly are your career options?

One in every nine people on the planet use Facebook. And that’s good news for social-media-savvy job seekers.

Since social media has become such a major part of daily and business life, demand is high for web-wise people with great analytic and communication skills. But what exactly are your career options?

Here’s a snapshot of the seven most common jobs in this evolving industry:

1. Social Media Strategist

You’re in charge of the whole game—planning what strategic moves to make next, deciding on which platforms to grow communities, and giving your stamp of approval to the content your team shares online.

A knack for leadership and communication are key, but it’s your innovative thinking that will set you apart. The rest of the internet is competing for your clients’ eyes—how will you make your company stand out?

Average salary: $23,000 – $86,000

2. Content Curator

Rohit Bahargava, author of Manifesto for the Content Curator, summed up this position best: “Someone whose job it is not to create more content, but to make sense of all the content that others are creating.”

It’s your role to scour the web and bring back viral videos, articles, infographics and images to feed your company’s social platforms. Some products will be created in-house, but no matter where it comes from, you look for content that’s contagious.

Average salary: $23,000 – $86,000

3. Social Media Analyst

If you write a great blog post, and nobody reads it, is it still a great blog post? You track the numbers and establish metrics to determine which social media campaigns are flopping or flying high. Your quantitative brain sees the big picture as you advise your team on their next move—all based on the numbers.

Average salary: $33,000 – $96,000

4. Online Reputation Manager

While not strictly a social media position, online reputation managers work with social streams on a daily basis. It’s your task to make sure undesirable online info about your client is removed or pushed as far down the Google results page as possible.

As such, you focus on filling social platforms with positive reviews, answers, and posts to drown out any negative stuff.

Average salary: $31,000 – $85,000

5. Community Manager

Good content is great, but a strong online community of fans, followers and friends is essential. As your company’s resident social butterfly, you develop campaigns or spaces to grow and nurture these virtual connections.

Average salary: $23,000 – $86,000

6. Social Media Customer Service Rep

Almost 62 percent of consumers have used social media for customer service issues. Which means the role of a customer service rep has gone over to the social side!

You might tweet instructions to a confused client, or help pro-actively resolve an issue someone has posted on Facebook. No matter which platform, it’s your job to keep consumers happy.

Average salary: $20,000 – $49,000

7. Social Media Consultant

Working as an outside consultant, you help organizations get their social media efforts up and running.

While you may offer specific advice or develop strategic actions plans, you also work to get everyone in a company on the same social media page. That can range from convincing out-of-step executives of the need for new media, to simply teaching a team the basic dos and don’ts of tweeting.

Average salary: $23,000 – $86,000 (all salary data from the US Department of Labor)

In this growing industry, what other new and emerging social media jobs should we add to this list?

Annie Favreau works for Inside Jobs, a site designed to help you discover and pursue a career you’ll love. Join the conversation @InsideJobs.

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    This is the most sensible article I have read about careers in social media. Seriously! I am in the process of making a career change and I have been spending a lot time reading tons of information and trying to determine what direction I should try to take.

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    You can try to segment these job tasks into different roles, but the reality is, jobs 1-6 are all the same job.

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      Not sure I agree, since Analyst seems to focus on data analysis (I’m assuming website traffic, trending topics, etc.)

      But I understand what you’re saying.

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    If i could only go back and change my university major, and instead of economy, to go to some IT courses. We can;t turn back the time :).

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      I’m not sure IT courses would help. Being social media savvy is something you learn yourself through doing. Economics is as good a starting point as any, I believe;)

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    Let’s see, having had to do jobs 1-6 in a previous gig as an all singing, all dancing (literally) Customer Evangelist, looks like I should have been earning anywhere from $150-$500K, or about 4-12x my actual salary. That’s the life of working for a small, lean brand!

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    In this IT age, IT knowledge is most essential for to be a successful business leader or manager.

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    So expensive for the social media campaign.Why not hired a total marketing manager who will do all the jobs, of course must choose the competent one.So great we have one in our team.


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