Hiring a digital marketer can boost your business, but you need to find the right person. Here’s how to hire the best.

Are you considering hiring a digital marketer? Are you searching for someone to help make your business more successful and draw the right attention to your company?

Hiring a digital marketer isn’t as easy as it sounds, which is why these 10 tips will help you pick the right person:

1. Don’t demand too much

Many of the best digital marketers have taught themselves a lot of what they know. It’s typical to write job postings with a long list of desirable traits as well as essential ones, but try to leave the desirable traits off if you can. You don’t want to risk deterring the perfect candidate with an almost impossible list of demands.

2. Determine their expertise

A wide range of skills come under the digital-marketer umbrella, which is why you need to define what your candidate can do. Do they have an in-depth understanding of SEO practices? Which social networks are they confident with? How do they feel about creating graphics or making videos? Are they a good all-arounder or specialist? And don’t forget to ask yourself: What do you need?

3. Ask for examples and proof of experience

Digital marketing skills and specialties can vary from person to person, and no two candidates will take the same approach. During the creative recruitment process, ask applicants to show examples of their work, either by submitting examples prior to an interview or bringing them in as part of the interview process.

4. Look beyond the resume

Many of the best business marketing techniques have become valuable in relatively recent years, and few people have digital marketing qualifications that show proof of their skills.

Instead, get to know the person behind the resume. (Click here to tweet this thought.) Look at their experience, but remember to look for passion and a genuine interest. Swing the conversation toward a successful or unsuccessful marketing campaign you’ve seen, and ask for their opinion. If they genuinely care, it’ll show.

5. Check their social media accounts

Whether candidates like it or not, employers scan social network profiles to vet them. Digital marketers should know that better than anyone. If their profiles are public, it’s worth seeing what they’re posting.

If they’re complaining about previous employers or work and discussing their drug habits, steer clear. A good digital marketer will know better than anyone that what they post online should be treated as being a public message.

6. Ask for their opinion

Traditional interview questions give candidates an opportunity to tell interviewers about their hobbies, interests and experience. They’re useful as an extension of the resume, but not great if you want to know what drives your candidate and where they believe marketing techniques are headed.

Be prepared to ask their opinion about common marketing practices, and don’t forget to ask what they think about the way you’re doing things at the moment.

7. Do a trial run

To get an idea how your chosen digital marketer will fit into the team and how efficiently they’ll work, consider asking them to work for a trial period. They’re looking for a job that’s the right fit, and you’re looking for the right employee, so they should see a trial period is mutually beneficial. If things don’t work out, you’re under no obligation to retain them.

8. Go slowly

Don’t rush to employ the first person who looks like they might know what they’re talking about. And don’t employ someone who doesn’t seem right because no better candidate has come forward. Don’t be afraid to reject every applicant and try again with a new list of candidates.

It’s far better to wait for the right person than to risk employing a digital marketer who could damage your brand.

9. Choose a recruitment agency — carefully

Working with a recruitment agency could save you time. You’d only receive pre-qualified applications instead of dealing with hundreds of people who might not be suited to the role.

It might help to look for a specialist agency — staff at a marketing recruitment company are more likely to know exactly what you’re looking for and be able to identify clues in resumes that might indicate whether or not someone has the required skills and experience.

10. Reject unsuccessful applicants properly

It might seem odd to consider unsuccessful applicants, but it’s an important consideration if you’re hiring a digital marketer. A polite rejection email to let them know they’re welcome to apply for future positions can go a long way toward softening the blow and encouraging them to continue liking your company.

A spurned digital marketer has incredible power if they want to criticize you online and leave your reputation in tatters. After all, they know how to use the Internet to get their message across.

Do you have any of your own tips to add? How would you hire a digital marketer? Alternatively, if you’re a digital marketer, what would you suggest to employers? Comment and share your opinion.

Nick Taylor writes guides for recruitment companies and employers, helping them to make the most of the recruitment process.


  1. Barbara Mckinney

    Thanks for sharing these tips. I agree with them all especially with #7. If they catch your attention through a lot of work-related experience on their resume, doing a trial run is the next step to assure that you hired the right person.

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