One online retail giant is getting rid of job postings. Could their new way of recruiting work for your company?

Transactional. Spammy. Inefficient.

These are words that online shoe retailer Zappos might use to describe the traditional recruitment process.

And they’re not the only ones. Since bad hires can cost companies a lot of money, many recruiters have begun looking for alternatives to the endless cycle of job postings and resumes.

Zappos, which has no job titles and pays employees to quit, is already known for its experimental policies. Now, it’s turning the recruitment process on its head.

The Social Side of Recruitment

As described by a recent Wall Street Journal article, hopeful Zappos employees will no longer be able to apply to traditional job postings:

“Instead, they will have to join a social network, called Zappos Insiders, where they will network with current employees and demonstrate their passion for the company—in some cases publicly—in hopes that recruiters will tap them when jobs come open.”

By eliminating job postings and “keeping a pool of willing and able candidates at the ready,” Zappos hopes to streamline their recruiting and hiring processes, as well as find better candidates, the WSJ reports.

Though few companies have taken measures as extreme as Zappos, several — such as General Motors — are starting to become more social (and less formal) in their hiring practices, the article says. We’ve seen that in our experience, too, with more companies recruiting through social media and video, online networking events, and open-ended job postings.

The bottom line: You want to find people who are a good fit for your company. To do this, it might be time to turn to social media and other informal forms of recruiting.

Because if Zappos’ new methods prove successful, maybe even resumes will go the way of the VHS.

Do you think the recruitment process most companies use is outdated or inefficient? Should other companies follow Zappos’ lead?

Susan Shain (@TravlJunkette) is a travel blogger who loves helping people discover adventure through international travel or alternative careers.


  1. jrandom421

    Sounds like a good concept. Not workable in reality. For those of us who shun most of social media, this method is ripe for discrimination. We HAVE to join their network in order to be considered for employment? Sounds discriminatory to me.
    Furthermore, it sounds like it’s turning employment recruiting into American Idol.

  2. bubbahotep

    I agree with jrandom. What about those that hate to network like people that are introverts and/or shy? They make excellent contributions to the workplace also, but aren’t seeking out more ways to network.

  3. Spartan of the Year.

    This is a terrible concept for recruitment.

  4. Jordan

    This is just another way that a company is putting potential recruits at their beck-and-call, forcing them to jump through hoops for what may never pan out to anything. The answer to recruiting is not to make the transaction even more lopsided, and make candidates look like fools (and waste their time) just to find “the right fit.” I applaud them for trying new things and not sticking to the same old song-and-dance, but it seems like they went in the wrong direction here.

  5. jrandom421

    Me to recruiter at Zappo’s: You want me to demonstrate my passion for the company—publicly—in hopes that you’ll will tap me when jobs come open? So this is Zappo’s version of “American Idol”, right? Do you want me to dance, sing, or what? So all i have to do is demonstrate my passion for the company, not how well I can do the job? Cool! I can be as cluelessly incompetent and lazy as I can be, but get hired by you if I just show how much I ADORE the idea of working at Zappo’s! Got it!

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