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Find a Job at Mashable’s Online Career Expo

By Ashley Hoffman • June 6, 2012 • , , , ,
If you’re digitally savvy, here’s an event you won’t want to miss.

6 Reasons You Won’t Get a Better Job in 2012

By Ashley Hoffman • January 4, 2012 • ,
Is your New Year's resolution to get a new job? Avoid these mistakes, and you'll make it happen.

4 Things You Can Learn for Free (or Cheap) to Help You Land Your Next Job

By Ashley Hoffman • December 9, 2011 • ,
If you want to be competitive in today’s market, you have to go above and beyond that expensive four-year degree.

If 'Networking' Makes You Want to Vom, This Post is For You

By Ashley Hoffman • June 23, 2011 • ,
The forced interactions, the awkward pauses - the weird guy with the sweaty hands. Networking can be a pain, but here's how one Brazen staffer changed the way she thought about networking, and how you can too.

The Rules of Successful Entrepreneurship

By Ashley Hoffman • May 24, 2011 •
What does it take to not just to be your own boss, but to be a truly successful entrepreneur? What qualities are essential for the entrepreneur who wants to start and build a valuable business? Author Bill Murphy Jr. answers

Big Fish to Fish Out of Water: How to Do it Right From Day One

By Ashley Hoffman • April 23, 2011 •
We’ve all been there: It’s your first day on the job — you’ve sold yourself during the hiring process by telling them you’ll do something great, and surely everyone thinks you’re the best thing to happen to their department since