Christopher Jan Benitez

How Online Collaboration Tools Can Make Your Remote Team More Efficient

By Christopher Jan Benitez • May 18, 2015 • , , ,
More and more of us are telecommuting. It’s time to explore how online collaboration tools can keep your team productive outside of the conference room.

How to Avoid Blogging Mistakes That Could Cost You a Job

By Christopher Jan Benitez • January 21, 2015 • , ,
If you’ve got a blog to show off your expertise and help you land a job, make sure it doesn’t misrepresent you -- and cost you a job offer.

Want a Promotion? Why You Should Start a Blog Now

By Christopher Jan Benitez • January 2, 2015 • , , ,
Gaining an edge in the job market doesn’t always mean going back to school. If you’re looking for a promotion or a new job, starting a blog can show you know more than what’s on your resume.

How to Make Your Online Portfolio Really Work for You

By Christopher Jan Benitez • March 4, 2014 • ,
You’ve got an ace online portfolio that highlights your best work. Now what do you do? Put it to work.

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Online Presence and Say Goodbye to Unemployment

By Christopher Jan Benitez • November 20, 2012 • ,
Feel like you’re getting nowhere in your job search? Making a name for yourself online could help you make real progress.