Erin Palmer

Social Media Mistakes That Make You Look Like a Rookie

By Erin Palmer • June 27, 2014 •
If you’re trying to jumpstart your career, take a good look at your social media profiles and make sure you’re not making one of these mistakes.

Toot Your Own Horn (Without Sounding Like Kanye)

By Erin Palmer • February 7, 2014 • , ,
No one knows your accomplishments if you don’t talk about them. Learn how to do self-promotion right.

7 Missed Opportunities That Can Cost You That Dream Job

By Erin Palmer • November 20, 2013 • ,
Not getting the job offers you want and don’t know why? You might be missing out on one of these opportunities.

Brilliant Career Advice from Primetime TV

By Erin Palmer • October 11, 2013 • ,
Primetime TV isn’t all mindless entertainment. The next time your TV is on, pay close attention — you may find the career advice you need.

Why How You Feel Is More Important Than What You Make

By Erin Palmer • September 13, 2013 • , ,
Paychecks may be wonderful, but career fulfillment is more rewarding. Here are a few ways you can find a stronger connection to your career.

Why It’s OK to Be Confused About Your Career

By Erin Palmer • July 29, 2013 • , ,
No one has it all figured out. Here’s why career confusion isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The Young Professional’s Guide to Surviving a Terrible Week

By Erin Palmer • June 28, 2013 •
We all know how it feels to have an absolutely terrible week and still have to work through it. Here are a few tips for keeping your head up.

How Seemingly Boring Statistics Can Help You Launch an Exciting Career

By Erin Palmer • June 5, 2013 • ,
You don’t have to be a statistician to benefit from the wonderful world of statistics. Even if math isn’t your thing, these numbers can make a big difference in your career.

The One Work Question You Should Always Be Ready to Answer

By Erin Palmer • April 29, 2013 • ,
It’s a simple question, but how you answer it can make or break your career.

Taking This Job Advice Too Literally Could Kill Your Career

By Erin Palmer • April 12, 2013 • ,
By following this common job advice too closely, you could be taking your career in the wrong direction.