Jennifer De Paul

Overwhelming Student Debt Has Parents Getting Life Insurance Policies on Their Kids

By Jennifer De Paul • March 21, 2013 • ,
When my parents first announced they were taking out a life insurance policy on me, I was slightly offended. Turns out it wasn’t a cruel joke.

Turn That Holiday Party Into a Solid Networking Gig

By Jennifer De Paul • December 20, 2012 • ,
In the whirlwind that is the holiday season of gift giving and holiday party hopping, here’s one tip to remember: don’t forget to network.

Facebook Becomes Your New Job-Search Friend

By Jennifer De Paul • November 15, 2012 • ,
Instead of getting fired from your job for trolling Facebook or posting pictures during the day, you can now use it to find a new career opportunity.

11 Tips for Enjoying Life While Paying Back Your Student Loans

By Jennifer De Paul • April 23, 2012 • , ,
Here’s a simple guide to saving a few dollars, so you can make new friends without breaking the bank

12 Tips for a Smooth Transition to Your New Job

By Jennifer De Paul • February 22, 2012 •
Whether it took you two weeks, two months or two years to land this position, your first few days on the job will be the most memorable, so it’s essential you make a good impression.