Seth J. Carr

Leadership Lessons From Frank Underwood and Other TV Bosses

By Seth J. Carr • February 23, 2015 • , , ,
Are you a fan of House of Cards or Homeland? If you’re also striving to climb the ranks at your company, you might take away a few leadership lessons just by watching your favorite shows.

Why Every Job is a Customer Service Job (and How to Rock at That, Too)

By Seth J. Carr • May 19, 2014 • ,
If you think customer service isn’t part of your job, you’re wrong -- and it could affect how successful you are.

Defending GenY: Why Millennial-Bashers are Wrong

By Seth J. Carr • January 13, 2014 • ,
GenY has some negative stereotypes, but here’s why the GenY bashers are off their rockers.

4 Compelling Reasons to Leave Your Job and Become Your Own Boss

By Seth J. Carr • May 20, 2013 • ,
Not sure whether you should take the leap into entrepreneurship? Here’s why becoming your own boss is an awesome choice.

4 Reasons Coworkers Make Terrible Besties

By Seth J. Carr • March 7, 2013 • , , ,
Here’s why it’s a bad idea to get too personal with your coworkers. Consider yourself warned.