Negotiating Your Salary? Don’t Forget to Ask for Employee Benefits

By Kristen Pope • July 20, 2015 • , , ,
Your benefits package can add up to 30 percent of your compensation package. Look past your salary offer to negotiate the employee benefits you really want.

How to Quit Your Job Without Burning Bridges or Annoying Your Boss

By Lewis Robinson • July 20, 2015 • , , ,
Knowing how to quit your job the right way can protect your professional network, as well as your personal reputation. A little tact and grace can go a long way when you sit down with your boss.

How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Volunteer During Work Hours

By Marian Schembari • July 16, 2015 • , ,
Interested in volunteering in your community, but feeling pressed for time as it is? You may be able to give back during your regular workday -- if you know how to convince your boss to implement an employee volunteer program.

Need a Career Adventure? A Seasonal Job in Alaska Could Be the Answer

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Want a career change -- but just for a few months? Try a seasonal job in Alaska. Now’s the time to start planning ahead for next year!

The 5 Biggest Mistakes New College Grads Make When They Start Working

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Starting a new career after college is exciting! But big mistakes, like taking on too much debt, can get in the way of lifelong career success.

How to Get Clients That Keep Coming Back: 7 Lessons From My Hairstylist

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Sometimes business lessons come from the most ordinary of situations -- like trying to find a decent hairstylist. These seven lessons will have you rethinking how to get clients and keep them happy.

4 Ways to Prepare to Cut the Corporate Cord: What to Do Before You Quit Your Job

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Entrepreneurship always looks great from afar. But if the nitty-gritty details are holding you back from taking the leap, here’s what to think about -- and what to do -- before you quit your job.

What’s the Best Resume Font? Probably Not the One You’re Using

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Could the font on your resume be affecting your chances of getting a job? Three experts weigh in on the best resume font choices and their most despised options.

Marriage and Family Therapists: Why This is a Hot and In-Demand Job

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Increased mental health awareness is leading to demand for therapists to serve couples and families. Could a career as a marriage and family therapist be a good investment for you?

The 8 Worst Email Habits You Need to Break Right Now

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Think your relationship with your inbox is just fine? Avoid these email habits to make sure you’re not the sender the entire office dreads.