Not only is content marketing hot -- it can also help you recruit better employees. Steal these creative recruiting ideas from the marketing crowd.

Have you heard of content marketing before?

By definition, it’s the practice of “creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience.”

Marketing-speak got you rolling your eyes? Here’s what you really need to know: this hot marketing strategy can improve your recruiting process.

Need proof? In a post for The Content Strategist, Jillian Richardson listed five companies that have used crazy content marketing tactics to recruit employees.

And like the rest of us, Richardson is glad companies are finding new and creative ways to recruit.

“Job interviews are intimidating and, quite honestly, boring,” she writes. “Candidates are asked the same set of ineffective questions over and over. After all, who is being totally honest when they’re asked, ‘Where do you see yourself in five years?’”

Using innovative recruiting ideas may not only score some press for your company — it could also help you recruit better employees.

How you can use content marketing for recruiting

If you’re wondering how content marketing can aid in your recruiting, it’s probably easiest to explain with examples that will get your wheels turning. Though you should visit the post to read all five stories, we’ll share our three favorites here:

Produce your own commercial

One recruiter collected silly videos of her employees to create short commercials that were shown at the local movie theatre. These commercials enticed people to visit her company’s hiring page, leading to many more eyes on their open positions. (Bonus: Her employees loved being in the spotlight.)

A surprise party (and video)

Hiring your 100th employee is a milestone, so one company celebrated with beach balls and streamers — and videotaped the whole thing. Though the resulting video is less than two minutes long, and cost next-to-nothing to make, it shows potential hires the company is fun and lighthearted, which Richardson calls “recruiting gold.”

Host an open house

When one company received 1,200 applicants for a single position, they decided to invite all the candidates to an open house. Only 400 people showed up, automatically filtering out two-thirds of the pool. At the event, they then used “speed dating” to sort through the remaining candidates. Smart, right?

Not sure how this is content marketing? Think about the tweets and Instagram snaps that are likely to appear during or after such an event. Instead of finding a way to talk about your company, your applicants will do it for you.

We don’t have to remind you that thinking outside-the-box works. So don’t be afraid to look to other industries for recruiting inspiration. Thanks, marketers!

How could you use content marketing in your recruiting process?

Susan Shain (@Susan_Shain) is a freelance writer and travel blogger who is always seeking adventure.

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  1. Hannah

    Tip #1 makes me think back to the stunt 180LA pulled last month at Cannes Lionsl. They showed a recruitment ad for a Creative Director to the judging panel, disguised as an awards submission. Sneaky.

    Campaign covered it here:

    Content marketing could also be supported with targeted LinkedIn and Facebook ads. If you know the persona of a potential new recruit, you could target them by interests or group membership accordingly. Hit them with a few ads and drive targeted traffic to an optimised landing page.

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