How to Avoid Blogging Mistakes That Could Cost You a Job

By Christopher Jan Benitez • January 21, 2015 • , ,
If you’ve got a blog to show off your expertise and help you land a job, make sure it doesn’t misrepresent you -- and cost you a job offer.

Want a Promotion? Why You Should Start a Blog Now

By Christopher Jan Benitez • January 2, 2015 • , , ,
Gaining an edge in the job market doesn’t always mean going back to school. If you’re looking for a promotion or a new job, starting a blog can show you know more than what’s on your resume.

9 Important Lessons You Can Learn by Starting a Blog

By Danny Rubin • January 14, 2014 •
Kick off 2014 with the best decision you’ll make all year. Blogging can teach you about business -- and life -- in ways you’d never imagine.

7 Ways to Build a Community That Will Help Your Business Succeed

By Joel Runyon • December 4, 2013 • ,
Building a community is essential to launching your products and business. Here are a few ways to get started.

How to Create Kick-A$$ Blog Posts That’ll Get You Hired

By Allison Volk • October 25, 2013 • , ,
You know you want to start a personal blog to provide potential employers insights about your personality, work ethic and experience. But where do you start?

12 Ideas for Revamping Your Boring Company Blog

By Young Entrepreneur Council • October 16, 2013 •
Even if you work in a "dry, boring" industry, you can still turn your company's blog into an engaging and audience-capturing platform. Here's how.

Use Blogging to Brand Yourself as a Business Authority

By Levo League • August 7, 2013 • , ,
Blogging is more than a fun hobby; it can help you develop a brand and establish yourself as an authority in your field.

We're Looking for Recruiters to Write for Our Blog

By Team Brazen • June 25, 2013 • ,
We're looking to amp up our coverage of this topic, so we're actively seeking recruiters to write for us.

The Difference Between Launching a Blog and a Business

By Joel Runyon • May 2, 2013 • , ,
Are you trying to start a blog or a business? Wait, you thought those were the same thing? Read this before you do anything else.

Brazen Life's New, Better Comment System

By Alexis Grant • March 4, 2013 • , ,
Didn't like our Facebook comment system? We heard you! Because of your feedback, we're now using DISQUS instead.