Paying Off Student Loans? 3 Myths About Gen Y and Student Debt

By Michael DeFillippi • May 6, 2015 • , , ,
Working on paying off student loans? Here are three tips from a student loan advisor about how to keep that debt under control.

How to Get out of Paying Your Student Loans

Crushed by student loan debt? You may be eligible for a student loan forgiveness program. Read on to learn if this option is viable for you.

Tips for Minimizing the Pain of Federal Student Loans

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The federal government will help you tame your federal loans, if you know where to look. These steps will keep you ahead of the game.

One Way to Get Rid of Student Loans: Not Paying Them?

By Team Brazen • July 1, 2013 • , ,
Student loan debt can be overwhelming, and so can the number of options available for handling it. Which is why SALT has released an ebook to help you navigate your choices.

Overwhelming Student Debt Has Parents Getting Life Insurance Policies on Their Kids

By Jennifer De Paul • March 21, 2013 • ,
When my parents first announced they were taking out a life insurance policy on me, I was slightly offended. Turns out it wasn’t a cruel joke.

How to Tackle Student Loan Debt Before You Graduate

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We often talk about how to pay back loans after we owe them—but here’s how to minimize your loans BEFORE you graduate with that diploma.

Slaying the Student Loan Debt Dragon, Video-Game Style

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Sick of trying to pay back your student loans? Make the chore a little more fun with these game-like apps.

5 Ways to Have Fun While Paying Off Your Student Loans

By Bridget Lappert • February 12, 2013 • , ,
While the grey cloud of debt does mean you should be smart about your money, it doesn’t have to be a killjoy. Try these creative and affordable ideas.

7 Steps to Eliminating the Student Loan Debt That’s Weighing You Down

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Paying off your loans quickly is your best bet, so here are a few tips for how to do that—without losing your cool.

A Visual Explanation of Why You Should Save in Your 20s

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When you're a young professional, everyone's always telling you to save. This infographic on compound growth shows why.