• Invite people to chat to get their attention

    Chat event software to engage your most difficult prospects

Top brands use Brazen to engage with people that are hard to engage


Recruiting and HR

  • Attract passive talent with the promise of a conversation
  • Facilitate internal mobility and career development opportunities
  • Engage with talent in realtime from anywhere


“It gives potential candidates an experience unlike anything they’ve ever had before.”

Kerry-Noone-HeadshotKerry Noone
Director, CVS Health Recruitment Marketing and Advertising




Colleges and Universities

  • Unlock the power of your alumni community
  • Help students and alumni get hired
  • Offer an engaging admissions experience


“This turned out to be a really wonderful event. I made some great connections and I’m looking forward to continuing my conversations via email.”


Carnegie Mellon University



Alumni Advancement

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Career Services

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Cool Customers Changing the Way They Engage

Our event brought participants together from California, Beijing, and Alaska. I don’t know of any other networking event where we’re going to get that reach.
Tina Vance Knight Associate Director of Alumni Career Programming, Temple University
I truly enjoyed this event. I thought it was a wonderful way to connect people. I’ll tell others about it. I’m proud to be a part of this network, and this will impact my willingness to donate to the school.
Alumnus Columbia University
I ran into an Operations Director and he came up to me with a big smile and said, ‘We attended your event. It was fun. It was awesome. We got really good candidates from it and we’ll do it again.'
Jeff Phillips CEO - Accountingfly
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