• Live and Personalized Online Experiences

Engagement marketing software helping organizations attract, convert and hire more candidates.


Recruiting and HR

  • Attract passive talent with the promise of a conversation
  • Facilitate internal mobility and career development opportunities
  • Engage with talent in realtime from anywhere


“It gives potential candidates an experience unlike anything they’ve ever had before.”

Kerry-Noone-HeadshotKerry Noone
Director, CVS Health Recruitment Marketing and Advertising




Colleges and Universities

  • Unlock the power of your alumni community
  • Help students and alumni get hired
  • Offer an engaging admissions experience


“This turned out to be a really wonderful event. I made some great connections and I’m looking forward to continuing my conversations via email.”


Carnegie Mellon University



Alumni Advancement

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Career Services

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Sales and Marketing

  • Nurture your prospects in a better way
  • Use engagement to grow demand gen
  • Build a loyal customer community


“There was a sense of excitement and friendliness you don’t always find in a face to face meeting or conference.”


Gainsight Prospective Customer

Cool Customers Changing the Way They Engage

Our event brought participants together from California, Beijing, and Alaska. I don’t know of any other networking event where we’re going to get that reach.
Tina Vance Knight Associate Director of Alumni Career Programming, Temple University
I truly enjoyed this event. I thought it was a wonderful way to connect people. I’ll tell others about it. I’m proud to be a part of this network, and this will impact my willingness to donate to the school.
Alumnus Columbia University
I ran into an Operations Director and he came up to me with a big smile and said, ‘We attended your event. It was fun. It was awesome. We got really good candidates from it and we’ll do it again.'
Jeff Phillips CEO - Accountingfly
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