The Future of Brazen: Highly Educational, Incredibly Useful and Totally Live

By Ryan Healy • May 24, 2011 • ,
Today is the beginning of what we refer to in the office as Brazen 3.0: A new logo, a new blog, a focus on Network Roulette and Virtual Recruiting Events, and a new purpose and vision for the future of

The 5 Entrepreneurship Books You Must Read

By Team Brazen • May 24, 2011 •
As a follow-up to our interview with Bill Murphy Jr., the author of “The Intelligent Entrepreneur: How Three Harvard Business School Graduates Learned the 10 Rules of Successful Entrepreneurship,”  we asked him which books can teach you how to be

Gen Y’s Congressman Won’t Compromise in the Gym, But He Ought to at Work

By Danny Rubin • May 24, 2011 •
Last week, Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) bared his sculpted upper body for Men’s Health and showed all of Capitol Hill exactly what he thinks about Americans’ right to own guns. Schock doesn’t just “work out” like the rest of us;

The Rules of Successful Entrepreneurship

By Ashley Hoffman • May 24, 2011 •
What does it take to not just to be your own boss, but to be a truly successful entrepreneur? What qualities are essential for the entrepreneur who wants to start and build a valuable business? Author Bill Murphy Jr. answers

How Not to Ruin Your Political Career on Social Media

By Julie Germany • May 24, 2011 •
People who came of age in the aughts tend to realize that their stupid life decisions and emotional tirades are unlikely to generate Huffington Post homepage fodder. Though they’re aware that a friend may post photos of their more inebriated

Why the Future of College isn't on Campus

By Kate Fridkis • May 24, 2011 • , ,
I was unschooled. The first time I sat in a classroom was in college, and I learned a lot there. I still remember the names of some Native American tribes from my Native American History class. I made some good

3 Predictions on the Future of Nonprofits

By Whitney Parker • May 24, 2011 •
The number of college graduates going to work in the nonprofit sector continues to rise, and will likely remain a preferred job sector for entry-level workers in 2011, according to a recent study by the New York Times. Nonprofits are

Resume Mythbusting

By Mona Abdel-Halim • May 24, 2011 •
With over 245 resumes for every interview granted, on average, according to the Georgia Department of Labor, major employers can’t feasibly read every resume. The solution – more and more employers use automated filtering systems that scan your resume when