Wish you knew what you wanted to be when you grew up? Here’s why you’re still having trouble answering that question.

Have you ever heard a story about someone whose childhood interest grew comfortably into a career?

There’s the kid who constantly messed around with his parent’s computer and naturally pursued a career as a programmer. Or the child with an utter fascination for drawing that led her securely down the path of being a graphic designer.

But guess what? For most of us, that doesn’t happen.

Most of us look at others’ seemingly effortless career choices with envy, because we’re still wondering what we want to be when we grow up. Oh yeah, and we’ve already grown up.

If that’s you, have a look at these reasons that likely explain why you’re having trouble choosing a career direction:

1.  You Don’t Know What You Like

The basis for choosing a rewarding career direction is recognizing the topics, activities or environments that are more interesting to you than most other things. Identifying these categories is tremendously helpful because it focuses your career search. You can learn about potential jobs, network and develop your skills in a manner that is specifically targeted to your areas of interest.

If you don’t know what you like, the opposite scenario occurs. Every job in the world becomes a possibility. Or perhaps you try to hit the moving target of today’s coolest or most lucrative career paths. Your attention scatters and your attempts at developing a career suffer.

To remedy this issue, turn an interested eye toward the man (or woman) in the mirror.

Take a look at your computer’s bookmarked sites, the books on your bookshelf and the television programs you enjoy. Ask friends what they’ve noticed about your interests. Try to remember experiences that were particularly enjoyable for you. A few themes will likely emerge.

If your internal search results come back empty, invest time into exploring new things, particularly those things you think you might like. These do not need to be immediately relevant to a career path. It may sound silly, but knowing you prefer attending a ballroom dancing class over a book group matters. Ask yourself why you like a certain topic to gain a deeper insight into your preferences, and remember that the main goal with this exploration is to increase your self-knowledge.

2.  You Know What You Like, But You Don’t Think It’s Okay

One unfortunate result of humans being such socially oriented creatures is that we’re extremely susceptible to the opinions and doubts of other people. If you’ve been feeling confused about your career direction for a while, my guess is that the true issue probably isn’t a lack of knowledge of what you want. Instead, the confusion stems from the fact that what you want conflicts with what the people around you tell you is acceptable or possible. Often when this occurs, we dismiss what we truly want and instead try to conform to others’ expectations.

A telltale sign that this is occurring is when you have an initial shot of excitement over a particular career path but then wind up avoiding it completely. This avoidance stems from your social sense, which is telling you that people in your life might judge or belittle such a career decision. To dodge this potential discomfort, you retreat. Then you look around and wonder why other career paths never sound that appealing.

The core solution to conquering this issue is to modify your social environment. Find and surround yourself with people who naturally accept who you are deep down. These people may be others who are already pursuing your desired career path. They may be particularly accepting and supportive friends. Or they may take the form of a coach or mentor with whom you click.

Focusing on creating an environment full of social acceptance for what you want will help you to calm down, drop the confusion and realize that your true career aspirations are legitimate and worth honoring.

Remember those people who seemed to have effortless career paths? In all likelihood, they had an awareness of what they liked and an environment that supported them in pursuing their dreams. You may not have had these two things before, but as an adult, you can find ways to provide them for yourself. Hopefully by giving yourself a dose of introspection and an encouraging community, you’ll be able to drop your career decision anxiety and get on your way.

Alison Elissa Horner specializes in helping adults in their 20s and 30s figure out what the hell they’re doing with their lives. You can check out her career coaching blog or sign up to receive her free Career Unstuckinator at www.alisonelissa.com.


  1. Spark Hire

    Great post! Some people seem to develop their career throughout their life, turning their hobbies into a lucrative life path. Most people, however, then to flounder around to find what they really want to do with their working life. Before warming up the webcam to record your video resume, make sure you follow those two simple steps. Get to know yourself and whether the job you’re applying for would really make you happy.

    • Alison Elissa Coaching

      Thanks Spark Hire!

      The part you wrote at the end about figuring out whether a ‘job you’re applying for would really make you happy’ is a hard guide post to follow. Instead, I’d offer that people should check if a job aligns with their interests, their values, and their long term vision for their life.

      • phil

        i agree from 0 to about 20 you’re “building” your personnality and mostly you’re following path from other person. But as soon as you know who you are (i mean your personnality is defined) : think for yourself : listen to your heart. I mean you live a life only once !! better to live aligns to your interests (in terms of values). You will never get a second chance to restart from the beginning.
        Time is running only in one way !! don’t forget !!

  2. Kali Orkin

    I would say a third problem, namely mine, is that you can’t figure out how to make money doing what you like.

    • Alison Elissa Coaching

      I about jumped out of my chair at this one. Excellent, excellent point amiga.

      Okay, so money flows through people.

      Therefore you need to figure out the relationship between what you like to do and how it helps other people. What problem do you solve for people? What good thing do you add to their life? Or what icky thing do you take away?

      The way you wrote ‘make money’ vs. ‘get a job’ makes me think you may be interested in swimming in the entrepreneurial ocean. If so, the next step would be to learn how to let people know that you can help them. I’m talking about learning how to market what you do. Just google ‘internet marketing’ or ‘small business marketing’ and dive in.

      Finally, look for other people who are making money in the field that you like. Talk to them!

  3. Alison Elissa Coaching

    Thanks for reading and sharing everyone!

    Let me know if you have any questions about this topic. Happy to help. 🙂

    • mora bishay

      Well your article was helpful but still I am Egyptian and in our education system in high school I musT choose between mathematics or scientific branches , and that’s my problem I don’t know what I want and I mjust choose before the vacation is over

  4. Mzillur Rahman

    The part you wrote at the end about figuring out whether a ‘job you’re applying for would really make you happy’ is a hard guide post to follow. Instead, I’d offer that people should.

  5. Mona Al-Marzouqi Jones

    “The core solution to conquering this issue is to modify your social environment.” -ya I need to work on that!

  6. Indecisive

    Or you can’t decide what you want to do because you love about 5 completely different career paths.

  7. Franz Dinar Velasco Osida

    I want to be a novelist or a film writer. Ever since I was a child I knew I wanted a career as a literary writer. Sadly, things got awry I got caught in this “nursing bug” where I live and I had to take it up. I tried being a nurse, and it didn’t work out. Now I feel like a failure to my parents because they want me to be one and I told them outright I tried it and I don’t. I can relate to #2 because I know I am not fit to be a nurse but my relatives think they know me too much that they are pointing me to a career that I’m not built for. And now I’m so confused I’ve dangerously entered and left jobs because my relatives aren’t happy with it. Now I wanna pursue writing my first novel but financial worries in the family are making me double guess if I should risk it. I dunno sorry just so confused. I’m 23 and I know I’m still young but I feel like nothing’s happening and everything is really in STRONG CONFLICT. I wanna help my family out but of course, I don’t wanna end up living a life I didn’t dream for myself. Sometimes I just cry because I feel like I’m always being judged for having these ambitions of being an Oscar or Pulitzer Prize winner and for not wanting being a nurse. Thanks to this site I kinda encountered that maybe I need to be around people I need to be around in. Maybe yeah I can still help my family but maybe I need to know that I have a choice.

    • Career Coach, alisonelissa.com

      Hi Franz. Thanks for stopping by, and sorry I was a little slow to see your comment.

      I love your dreams of being a novelist or film writer, and I wish you all the best in pursuing them.

      Here are four ideas I’d offer to you:
      1) Read Bird by Bird, by Anne Lamott (and take her advice to write, write, write!!!)
      2) Write. Did you write today? Write.

      3) Realize that it’s nobody elses job to (financially) support your dreams. That’s your job. This may mean taking a day job to pay the bills while you are building your writing career.
      4) Connect with other writers, ideally successful ones, so that you can learn from them and get some support.

      Hope that helps. I’m rooting for you and your dreams!

  8. naylo Rodriguez

    i wanted to become an architect sense sophmore year, but before that, i always stuck to wanting to join the Army, but then i got into making music, and DJ’ing, so i went with making music for a while, but when i graduated, i went to college for a semester, and took an architect class, then i stopped with school, and starting making more music, met big artists, and made cool friends that like making music as well, but then my parents thought that is was not going to put food on my table, in other words, was not a good goal for me. so i am now aiming again to the Army… but honestly, this is going to be the 3rd time i take the asvab test… i dont know what i want to do, i have determined myself to join the Army. But i cant seem to pass the damn test, which is making me lose hope for myself… i need help..

    If you took the trouble to read this, thank you
    for those who want to insult me about my struggles, feel free. its not going to make me feel worse, trust me.

    • 899756

      honestly, it was pretty stupid to give up on being an architect.

    • life_is_a_jam_session

      Forget the previous comment, only you can know for yourself what is good for you and what mistakes you’ve done… Try and meditate, listen to your heart, focus on yourself…..

      It seems to me from reading your comment, you’ve never tried the army before, do you know what it’s like to follow orders blindly and never question authority? would you like that? Architecture is potentially a good career path,, but you need good grades in math and to be real disciplined to finish the long training. It seems your musical direction was going pretty well compared to all the other directions, but your parents decided it wasn’t good enough and it set doubts in your mind. If you allow me to share my experience, same thing for me (even though I never had paying shows or had professional contacts in the field, I had a passion for music and still have it)… I was 20 when I dedicated myself to a more ”reasonable path” in the eyes of my parents… 12 years later, I’m still unsatisfied the jobs I get, I’ve never stuck to a job in the architecture/design field for more than 2 years, because I wanted to travel and could hardly stand to be stuck in an office all week long, and I’m still in love with music, (even though I do it much less often than before my 20s), I’ve evolved and honed my skills…plus I met many friends since who believe in my creation, probably more than I do myself!… this sets more and more doubt in my mind…

      It’s a tough call but all I can say is listen to your heart, the gut feeling is very important, probably more than logic and reason. I tried logic and reason thinking I was just crazy or undisciplined or lazy, when I realize now I should have been MORE crazy and believe in myself even more, much more than what others had in mind for me… it’s YOUR life! and you never get anywhere if you’re not committed to something…. finding what to commit to is the toughest part… take your time. You have to believe in yourself, think about all the consequences of your decisions and be ready to give it all you got. Army, architecture or DJing. Good luck!

      • Career Coach, alisonelissa.com

        Great comment- thanks for sharing your experience!

        There is definitely something to what you wrote – “when I realize now I should have been MORE crazy and believe in myself
        even more, much more than what others had in mind for me… it’s YOUR life! and you never get anywhere if you’re not committed to something…”

        There’s an excellent inspirational piece on following your dreams here: http://www.subvertmagazine.com/blog/follow-your-passion/

        And a quote from the aforementioned piece- “Many months on my sister’s floor in the early days, and skipping meals sometimes when things got serious at the start. But that stuff is always thrown in to test how dedicated you are. I always say if someone from the future travels back in time to tell you your life long dream will fail 100%, and you still go for it anyway, it will work.”

    • Flapeth

      Yeah dude, trust me I was in the Army, it is a last resort sort of career unless you’re very patriotic and want to sacrifice your life. You literally will sacrifice your life in some way, either through death or through long hours of bullshit every day, you most likely won’t get the respect you deserve and you’ll wonder “what the hell was I thinking” every day.

    • Career Coach, alisonelissa.com

      Good luck Naylo! Hang in there. (I posted a comment in response to life_is_a_jam_session that might be helpful to you.)

  9. Ermitage Joir

    I do not understand how can someone turn away one from her or his desired career path simply because that person does not find it a good choice except if it is the people who financially provide for the person like parents. Who cares about what you aunt or cousins think if they do not provide for one financially? And why would people not approve of one’s profession. I would like that the writer explains me that or at least some readers!

    • Career Coach, alisonelissa.com

      Thanks for your question. Not all jobs are high paying. Most parents love their children by wanting financial security for them. If a kid wants to pursue work that they love that does not have an immediate, solid paycheck (or if the field is something parents are unfamiliar with) then the parents may try to dissuade their children from it. I think plenty of children trust the experience of their parents over their own desires.

      There are many other ways that this can happen, but hope this one example helps.

  10. rishiraj

    Hi.i just completed my graduation. Before that I’d started many courses like c.a , cima.bt nw my parrents are telling me to do 2yrs mba programme from any good university and later on join and expand my fathers business. Bt my uncle wants me to do the things which I like and make it profession.bt I m nt able to knw what to do
    I didnt cleard ca and cima.plss suggest me what to do

    • Career Coach, alisonelissa.com

      I don’t have a pat answer for you.

      What values do you hold? Where do you want your life to go?

      Try to make your decision based on the answers you have for these questions.

  11. undecided

    i cant stil decide a job to apply for….i don even know what i want…please advice

    • Career Coach, alisonelissa.com

      Make a guess! Try it out. See what happens. Revise as needed.

      Don’t wait for a shining answer to fall and hit you in the head. Take action to gain clarity.

      • tee

        Hi Alison,

        Those are some good words that I will remember!

  12. Kalcium

    I feel like you wrote this about me. I somehow suffer from BOTH of those things. I’m 22, done a year of college, and a year of traveling, and I still have absolutely just NO IDEA of what I want to do! I want to be smart, I want to finish school and have a degree and be doing something useful with my time instead of working retail but I just don’t even have a clue of what to do. It’s really hard. I want to be in school and at the same time I don’t because I don’t want to waste money on school if I don’t know what I want to do.
    I go through both of the reasons you explained above, on a daily basis. It’s stressful!

    • Career Coach, alisonelissa.com

      Sorry to hear that you’re having a tough time. It definitely is stressful to lack a clear direction.

      Here’s what I would offer to you- if you had to guess what type of career you would like to do, what would you say? I can hear you saying, but I don’t know! Just guess. You don’t have to know. Begin exploring that field by talking to people who are in it. See if your guess was on track or if you need to revise it.

      Also, it’s possible you just haven’t encountered the type of work that you would like. Try going to http://www.insidejobs.com and poke around for a bit. What seems interesting to you? Again, try to talk to people in the field to get a better sense of it. Do this until you find something compelling enough to get you started.

    • stranger danger

      omg. i feel your pain T_T

  13. MikeLewis42

    Definitely I have heard several of childhood stories where a kid’s interest grew comfortably into a career; but in order to achieve such an impressive career we should be more conscious and efficient in our career growing path; parents are also play an important role in their children’s career growth. Therefore to achieve a bright career we should be more dedicated towards our achieving quality and determination value that ultimately delivers a bright and useful career. In the below link we have found certain instruction about career coaching and training to develop our career oriented skills.


  14. roo08

    i went back to school to study something i did like but now my interest is waning and i’m not sure my personality matches with the majority of the positions in the field.

    • Career Coach, alisonelissa.com

      1) See if you can get an internship to test out if you really don’t match up well with the field you’re going into.

      2) Plenty of people veer from their majors. What made you interested in this field in the first place? What do you think would be a better fit? Start turning your career toward that new possibility by pursuing relevant experiences.

  15. neha s

    I finished HS last year…I always wanted to be a doctor or that’s what my parents wanted me to be but its like I am not getting there… I am an aesthetician now and I am not liking my job as a aesthetician. I have been talking to doctors and nurses and they are like no don’t go for med school the life after the school is hard. I am really confused now..I didn’t go to college. how the heck I determine what I want to be? the reason I wanted to be a doctor because of my family, well I am Asian so this is really important thing in my family about the career I go for.

    • Career Coach, alisonelissa.com

      Here’s a gut check exercise for you.

      Imagine yourself being a doctor. How do you physically respond? Does the idea feel expansive or contractive? If you physically feel good and expansive, then I’d say you’re likely on the right track. If not, you might want to try something else. Good luck Neha!

  16. Guest

    I know my interests but the professions that I’m most interested in don’t make enough money.

  17. Kim Renee Ramirez

    Hello, im hoping to get a response even though this seems to be an older thread. I am 28 years old and as confused in a career direction as they come. I have been in college mainly taking medical courses since I was 20 yrs old. (Part time of course) I have even gone as far as searching careers for my life path which is 4-the builder/planner. Now this does describe me I do like organzation and planning. I really do not know what careers would be beneficial with these traits. I have been told I am a bit bossy, an excellent negotiator,and take charge a lot. As a kid I loved playing with money, cash registers, calculators. In high school I originally wanted to persue business but was swayed into medical by many people some who have medical degrees and even those with business degrees. After h.s. I began working at a bank as a teller and enjoyed it. I really didnt see a future in it because the pay wasnt enough. I dont need to be filthy rich just able to pay my bills and support my family. So now that I have applied for a couple of medical programs and been denied I have become so discouraged and the idea of starting over in a new major is over whelming. I feel too old to be in school for so long. (No offense to anyone in school, just my personal feelings towards myself) any advice or guidance will be appreciated. Thank you.

    • Career Coach, alisonelissa.com

      Hey Kim! From what you wrote it sounds like your natural interests lean more toward math, money, and leadership. There are some careers relevant to your interests that require a specific degree to enter them, but there are also plenty that do not. Why not try one that doesn’t require a specific degree first, see if you like it, and then get a degree if you decide it’s worthwhile?

      You could try working for a small accounting firm, working at a bank, working as a financial planner, or even managing the administrative side of a medical office. There are definitely opportunities out there! (You could also keep down the medicine path, but I’m not picking up on a whole lot of enthusiasm about that. 🙂 ) Good luck!

  18. Faisal Jutt

    m so confused about my admission in university for further studies…….recently i gave 2nd yr exams… my marks in 1st yerr are not even satisfactory……i don”t know what to do?

    • Career Coach, alisonelissa.com

      It’s okay not to have everything figured out as you’re entering university. Use the time and resources available on campus to explore different fields that are interesting to you. Good luck!

  19. in distress

    I’m currently 18 and studying in an environmental course. I absolutely dislike it and can’t find any motivation to study my modules. I can’t even see myself working in this sector when I graduate. The problem is, I don’t know what I like and what I want to work as next time. No particular passion in anything except being a bookworm! I’m already in my second year of study and it’s just getting tougher and tougher to continue studying what I really dislike. Yet I can’t drop out or change my course as my parents strongly disagree. It’s like screwing up my life right now. And because I don’t know what I would like to study or what I want to work as, I can’t even see a future for my life. Someone help me please.

    • Ian Buell

      A degree in library science perhaps – or a writer. Write 1000 words a day, even if it’s nonsense. Just start something! The act of moving will keep you going towards something. Success is not a straight line, but a series of false starts, zigs and zags.

      • Career Coach, alisonelissa.com

        Beautifully put Ian- thanks for chiming in!

        I can definitely sympathize with familiar pressure, but hopefully ‘in distress’ can find some time and freedom to explore their own interests.

  20. nics_

    actually the second point is for me..but really am so tense about my parents’ opinion and others..i have excellent drawing skills ..imagination and they jus want me to be in this field.. but actually i know what i want or wanted.. …..:(

    • Career Coach, alisonelissa.com

      Yup, a lack of parental support can feel like a big obstacle in pursuing what you want. I know different cultures have different interpretations of how to deal with this. In my opinion, it’s your life to live as you wish. Just be mature enough to own up to the consequences of your choices. For example, don’t expect your parents to fund a career path they don’t support. That becomes your job.

  21. Career Coach, alisonelissa.com

    Hmm, it’s always a little hard to respond from a brief paragraph. I’m wondering, was it your ability, your effort level, or your study skills that led you to get ‘U’s? I tend to think persistence trumps ability, so it seems like something else is probably going on here…

    I recently started reading Lindsay Pollak’s book ‘Getting From College To Career’ and am really enjoying it. You might find it helpful too. One of the ideas she offers (that I wholeheartedly agree with) is to take action. Any action you can think of (and there are lots of ideas in the book) will help you get clearer about your career direction. Hope that helps Kalina!

  22. Kaity L.

    Its not.that I dont know what I want to do or be,i ts what if im not good enough and in the end it becomes a waste and a big I told you so from the people that put me down

    • Career Coach, alisonelissa.com

      So sorry to hear that Kaity. Is what you want to do something that you could improve upon with practice or is there some external constraint that would be really hard to overcome (like being 5 feet tall and wanting to be a professional basketball player)?

      If you could improve I’d encourage you to stick with it, if not as a career then as a hobby.

      If there’s an external constraint then it’d be better to pick a new dream.

      Good luck!

  23. acm

    *READ… if you want*
    I really don’t know what career to pick. Honestly, if you would ask me, i’d usually say ‘nursing.’ HOWEVER, the only reason i’d say that is because my mom has always told me about taking nursing EVER SINCE elementary. As I grew older, I’ve realized that i may never make it in the nursing field. My grades are not up to par. I mean, i could actually get 90s, it’s just i’m very INCONSISTENT. so i figured nursing requires consistency. LOTS of it.
    When i ask for help, my teacher would say nursing because i “have a big heart.” yeah, i don’t think having a “big heart” would qualify me to be a nurse.
    I do love helping people. I join a social justice group, but i don’t really want to be a social worker.
    Most people and career books would ask me my ‘hobbies and interests’, and i enjoy listening to music, sleeping, makeup, and reading a book. that’s pretty much it. then again, it’s what most teenagers i know do, so my hobbies don’t really make me stand out, career wise. I like meeting new people, as well.(Even though i’m as awkward as a horse chewing carrots shopping at forever 21)
    These past months, i’ve been leaning on nursing again, and i thought, for a moment, that it’s the right course for me… until i realized i had to wear scrubs, work long hours, pretty much stand all day, clean bums, and do nasty work. Doesn’t seem like a job rewarding, if you ask me. And also, two of my other friends are going to take up nursing, and as much as they’re my friends, I don’t want to work with them for the rest of my life. I wanna met new people.
    My ideal job would be having my own office, an assistant, and work with people in suits. I guess i’ve watched too much movies, huh?
    I really need help! I’m really indecisive, and Appplications are coming soon!
    I have no special talents, whatsoever. I honestly feel like in the end, i’ll pick whatever course in university, get stuck in a sh*tty job for the rest of my life, and then die. I don’t want to be like that. i really don’t!
    Please help. God knows i can’t help myself!

    • Career Coach, alisonelissa.com

      Hey acm,

      Please know that while whatever course of study you chose in school could lead you down a particular path, it does not lock you into that path. Take your best guess at what you’d like to do. What you wrote at the ended sounded like you’d prefer an office job, so maybe start there. Try to get as much experience as you can in that field while you’re in school so you’ll be better able to decide if you like it or not.

      Hope that helps!

  24. anaghana

    Hi mam , am naturally a confused girl , nw wen it comes to my career am totally a chaos , during my high school i wanted to become a software engineer , so i took comp science major , Bt then soon i realised i wnt be able to do it , do for my college i thought i can apply for architect exam , Bt then i suddenly changed and applied for fashion technology , now am 20 and am in final year of my fashion studies, past these years in my college as a fashion student i realized during my 2nd yr of clg itself that this field doesn’t suit me and nw in my final year and i hve to take up the career in this field and am afraid that i hve to continue with it evn though i font have any kind of passion for this . Please help me mam , give me some solution . And i hve also sat nd thought wat was my interest, well wat i hve noticed is am easily bored to things , i want something interesting and well i love to do research about the history facts , ancient things , and interesting facts and i love to visit different places , but these are all common most of them do it . OMG am really confused help me
    P.S sorry for my grammatical mistakes am not tat gud in english

  25. sumbal qamar

    i am studying medical 1st year but some times i feel like what am i doing do i really want to become a doctor ….i dont know what to do .as i was good in studies parents thought this is good for me …i really get confused sometimes

  26. sumbal qamar


  27. Ghost

    There is an option 3…

    You know exactly what you want and love doing it, but you are under qualified and employers are only willing to see what you have on paper (and you can’t afford the time and money for extra education)

    And option 4….

    your chosen career is so over competitive, your chances of succeeding are low enough to put you off and settle for something else.

    I would say these are much larger problems with finding work, at least for me.

  28. Confusedawesomemom

    It’s hard because you’ve been a stay at home mom for 26 years and now your forced to find a career to support yourself and your children…. How do you top the best job in the world? I have no idea where to go or what to do?

  29. jeevani

    hello , i m btech last year student of mnit. my currnt cgpi is 9.29/10. i have not interest doing coding . and do private job with lots of burden. I watch historical serials, crime petrol. i want to become ias from my childhood. bt i m worry abt my career becuase if i will not success then what will i do ? In psu my stream jobs are very less about 2-3.So what should i do . i realy dont know in this stage what should i do. am i realy want become ias ? some says take a job then think about others . i m realy confused 🙁 🙁 should i prepare for psu ?

  30. Ronnie

    Hi.. I have completed BE in Computer Technology and MBA in Finance. Currently I am working in a KPO. But I do not have anything to do with Finance or IT in my workplace. And I have thought few options where I can make my move. I am confused what to choose and how I can go ahead with it. Options are like go for SAP FICO, Financial Analysis/Equity Research or SAP ABAP(IT related). I am really confused with these options. So please help me to get rid of this problem

  31. Matt

    This really resonated with me. I am having such a hard time making decisions about my career, think six-twelve months of indecision. It’s really affecting me. I did a degree in real estate and I was in the industry for about four years, I enjoyed it but was primarily in sales and did the degree to do and learn home renovation.

    After a move overseas I ended up getting burnt by another job and not getting paid. I decided to leave and try a different industry. I tried a few things namely Jewellry and more sales and hated it. Then found my way into a bank and have preogressed in my role for two years. I do find it intolerably boring though and the money isn’t even that great (Not an investment banker!).

    I have for the past 4-5 years thought of becoming a pilot and gone through all the interviews for cadetships which I failed to get through. And am contemplating doing my own training and paying my own way. It’s expensive and I am also wondering if I am doing it as I see it as an acceptable and legitimate career path. One of my family members is a pilot.

    The other option would be to stay at the bank and buy a small property and renovate it on the side. Something I would like to do, but I think that I may be over glamourising this option.

    However I have been with these decisions for months now, I can’t decide. It’s killing me and my relationship as I am always upset and it’s always on my mind. I’m completely paralysed which is very unlike me.

    I am wondering if I can’t make a decision because I have had these options open to me for many years and am exhausted with them. Or perhaps it is because I was a very creative kid who wanted to do art, acting, photography at school but was told I could only pick one as I probably not get a job unless I picked more science or business related subjects.

    I had a thought this morning after reading this article that maybe none of these decisions is right for me and that’s why I can’t make a decision and maybe I should enter an acting or film making school, but it scares me as I know what the prospects are like for actors and film makers…I don’t know

  32. parth

    what is the easiest way to know about like and dislike about career?

  33. yari

    im currently a high school senior soon i will go to college and as in right now i have no idea what i want to do with my life. i cant seem to decide what i want to do. at first i wanted to be a psychologist but i now i dont see how i can get much from that even though i like psych. a few months ago i decided to major in optometry which i found very interesting and i thought that career was going to be it, but then i see the courses i have to take and im not sure about it anymore.im a good student, with good grades but im afraid that i wont like optometry since the course i have to take in college are the ones i didnt really enjoyed in high school. at this point im so confused and its stressful not knowing what i want to do with my life…

  34. James

    I usually just use the “Random Thingy Chooser” online to figure out what career to choose next 🙂 ….that might not be true.

  35. Lola

    I have tried nearly everything that has interested me and then some! I am now realising that although you really do need to have some experience, more importantly you need to have the right attitude or you won’t get very far! The people that seem to succeed that I have come across be it in the arts, finance or even dog walking (!) have a certain positive expectation and they just go for it, kind of fearless to a degree. I now think if you can change your attitude, then you will find it much easier to change your career- maybe view it as a game…it’s helped me.

  36. ely

    I think I know what I like even I’m not really sure, but I’m not confident. I realize that many people are better than me and I’m not sure if I can do well. To be honest, I fear for the future, maybe I’ll regret about my decision. I can’t stop doubting myself althought I do well at school. Can you give me any advise?

  37. Dom

    for me its more the things i want to do i cant do them i wanted to be a veterinary assistant i cant because im not good in math i wanted to be a game developer i cant because im terrible at drawing and again not good at math i wanted to go to film school i cant because there are no film school anywhere near where i live but the courses that im not really into those i can do lol there is one that i kind of want to do but i feel that for that career you need to really know if thats what you want because its a weird path and it takes a special people for that kind of life that awaits you, im talking about acting.

  38. Kate-Lee

    Hi people, I’m a freshman, who picked English major because I wanted to work with kids at school. Now, however, I realized that English major is so boring, that I can’t handle 3 more years.
    So, now I’m thinking to transfer to another university or even start over. I like arts, and am thinking about Design major..but still, a lot of risk and responsibility. Parents say that they will support me, but If I start from the beginning it will take 4 more years, and I will graduate when I’ll be 24.
    Now I’m studying in Liberal Arts College, and its abroad. If I come back to my homecountry, I will get low-quality education, but I will finish with the major I like. If I stay at my college for more years, I can change to Business major..but I’m not good at numbers..So, pretty hard..Witing fr advice!
    Hopefully, someone read it..

  39. Jay

    Basically I am a student who don’t know which course to apply for in university because all in all, i have no idea what I wanna be in the future! Tbh, I hate the idea of dry or routine jobs i.e the engineering and business etc. One of my subejects is history and it is prob one.of the subjects that seems more interesting to me, hence I considered taking up a job in the government’s foreign affairs department, yet it is extremely elitist and too competitive in the sense that many student have already engaged in extra curricular activites that gives them an edge over me through achievements and skills gained. I am from a country in Southeast Asia. (I don’t want to mention my country since I’ve talked about my government) My parents are pragmatic and expects me to get a “proper” job for stable and preferably higher income. Yet I rather venture into areas such as media, art etc. ( these are not subjects in my current level of education)
    Also, sometimes I canmot differentiate whether I am just being fascinated by successful people and the “coolness” of the job or whether i’m genuinely interested in it. E.g fashion designers. Plus, these areas seem to be extremely tough to gain access to and I actually want to give it a try to find out whether that’s where I want to go to!
    Lastly, with reference to what I mentioned about being fashion designers, is it not realistic if I do not have prior experience in drawing? I just seem to have a relatively personalized sense of style in a good way, as mentioned by a friend of mine.

    Sorry for having so many specific questions, but a general answer to each qtn would be fine! And as you probably have figured out by now, I am interested in many things!

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