Is Your Email Address Preventing You From Getting the Job You Want?

Jul 05, 2011 -

You have a perfect, customized resume. You’re diligent about managing your online identity. You’ve submitted many job applications. But somehow despite your best efforts, you still haven't received a call for an interview.

Could your email address be what’s hurting your job search?

Many of us have heard about changing what’s before the “@” in your email address to something resembling your real name (e.g., This helps recruiters find messages more easily in a search, and it also helps you portray a professional image.

But what about the domain name after the “@?”

A recent DailyWorth article describes a conversation with tech executives who said Hotmail, Yahoo! or AOL email addresses would prevent them from hiring prospective employees. One CEO said candidates with these kinds of email addresses are “immediately eliminated.” The article brings up a good point: those without Gmail or personal domain email accounts may be considered “behind the times,” especially for companies that work in anything related to tech. It could also indicate that the applicant is resistant to change.

Email domain brand is also relevant for those who don't work directly in tech. In a Chicago Tribune piece, freelance writer Nancy E. Anderson discussed her concerns with giving out an AOL email address. Anderson notes that her publicist sister told her to "get rid of that AOL address" because "it's bad for your image." Ultimately Anderson, didn't take her sister's advice, opting not to "change something that's working for me."

But that's the wrong move, if you ask me.

Even if you don’t agree with the view that older domains are out of date, why take a chance with your email address? Being current and tech savvy is important to many types of employers these days. Why not just set aside a few minutes to create a new account and forward the old email?

The moral of the story is…

Even the greatest resumes and work experiences can be tarnished by an inappropriate email address. Take control of all the variables you can to give yourself a better chance of attracting potential employers. Don’t inadvertently sabotage a great opportunity by not going through all the possible motions. may be dull, but better to be safe than sorry!

Kristen Creager is a member of the Brazen Contributor Network.