Today is the beginning of what we refer to in the office as Brazen 3.0: A new logo, a new blog, a focus on Network Roulette and Virtual Recruiting Events, and a new purpose and vision for the future of

Today is the beginning of what we refer to in the office as Brazen 3.0: A new logo, a new blog, a focus on Network Roulette and Virtual Recruiting Events, and a new purpose and vision for the future of Brazen.  We have a new team and we’re ready to rock and roll to make Brazen even more valuable to you and take it to the place we all knew it could be when we first launched.

We’ve learned a lot over the past year. Above all we’ve learned that in order to provide you, our members, and our millions of future members with a truly valuable resource, we must be three things: 1) highly educational, 2) incredibly useful, and 3) totally live. Let me explain.

Brazen will teach you how to achieve your career goals, fast

Today’s higher education system is broken.  Students spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get an education that leaves them with a nice looking piece of paper and not much else.  This is especially true when it comes to parlaying that education into a career.

College majors don’t teach things like: how to effectively market online, how to create a real social media strategy for your company, how to generate sales leads and reach new potential customers, and how to manage a team of engineers to create a truly transformative product.

Brazen will fill in these holes. We will offer webinars, e-books, bootcamps, Facebook apps, and premium content from our hand-selected network of experts, all with an eye toward educating you on how to succeed in today’s workplace.  We’re starting with the Brazen Life blog, expert interviews and webinars, and our soon-to-be-released Facebook app.

Brazen will put you in live conversations with recruiters to help you find your dream job

Online recruiting is broken. Employers are inundated with unqualified resumes, professionals blindly apply to jobs that are re-posted on dozens of sites to drive eyeballs through click arbitrage, and the chances of even hearing back from a company you applied to are slim to none.

The problem starts at the very core – job postings are not the answer.  They are a relic from a time long passed. We are beginning to solve this problem with our Virtual Recruiting Events. The events give you five minutes of uninterrupted time with recruiters from companies that interest you.  It’s an opportunity for you to show your personality, explain why you are the perfect hire and make a great impression.

You just don’t get the same effect when you click “apply” and submit a resume online. If a recruiter doesn’t get back to you after the event, it sucks, but at least you know that your resume didn’t get lost in the big black hole. We’ve already had a number of companies participate in these events and we’ve helped many people find their next job or internship in the past couple of months.

Brazen will connect you live with your peers to help you build your professional network

We’ve believed it for years, and now that Sean Parker said it, others are jumping on the bandwagon too: the future of social is live.  At Brazen, we also know that the future of professional networking is live. Serendipity is a major part of our lives, and it’s often where the real magic happens. Simply put, you never know who will help you achieve your career goals. Brazen is facilitating serendipitous connections between professionals through our live Network Roulette events.

There are few things more powerful than an uninterrupted conversation between two people.  The things you learn about the other person when there are no distractions allow you to think about all the ways you may be able to collaborate. On Brazen you can do this without leaving your house or office.  Network Roulette is not replacing offline meetups, but we are providing you with an extremely useful and efficient alternative.

This is just the beginning, so stay tuned.


Ryan Healy is the co-founder and COO of Brazen Careerist. He was recently named one of Worth Magazine’s 20 entrepreneurs to watch.


  1. Noel

    Congrats! This is so awesome! The new site looks great.

  2. Rebecca

    The site looks amazing, guys! Major props to the entire Brazen team for all of their hard work. You guys just keep getting better and better! I’m glad to be a part of it.

  3. Allison Cheston

    I love that you guys are curating the Gen Y career conversation and that you’ve got such a high quality and interactive audience. It’s very exciting and I’m happy to be involved.

  4. ChaChanna

    Stellar job! I love the new direction Brazen is heading in. I can’t wait see what else you have coming down the line.

  5. David Kassa

    Interesting pivot — totally natural too. I hope this change is very successful for you guys.

    Good luck.

  6. Becky B

    Love the enhancements! I’ve loved being a part of this community for quite awhile now, and it just keeps getting better and better. Rock on!

  7. Ryan Healy

    Thanks, all! Glad to hear you like where we are going. Definitely an exciting time for Brazen!


  8. Judy Martin

    Laser sharp message – beautiful site and love the meaningful mission. I’ve sent many people to the site and now there’s even more reason to do so. Good luck! ~ Judy

  9. Tiffany

    Bye, bye blue!

    Love the new look and feel of the site. Looking forward to where you guys are taking this!

  10. Justin Goldman

    I’m impressed but certainly not surprised. Well done Ryan. Nothing better than seeing a company pivot to greatly improve their value proposition.

  11. Amy Ng

    Kudos on the new interface and mission. We are glad to have been along for the ride so far, and look forward to our continued partnership with Brazen. Can’t wait to get some of our virtual recruiting sessions on the calendar!

  12. Ruth Harper

    Looks great! So excited to continue and become even more involved with Brazen. Love everything you guys do. Thank you!!

  13. David Stehle

    Redesigned in my favorite color – RED! 🙂

    Nice job, Ryan. Looking forward to what Brazen 3.0 will deliver.

  14. Diana Antholis

    Everything looks fantastic! So exciting.

  15. Janet Looney

    Greetings I located your site by mistake when i was searching Google for this topic, I have to tell you your site is definitely very helpful I also really like the layout, its superb!

  16. Ryan Healy

    Thank you so much for all the kind words, everyone! As I mentioned, I’m excited to see where Brazen goes, it will definitely be an adventure and I hope we can share in it together!

  17. AliciaBlain

    Love the new look. More importantly, I love all the great new features of Brazen 3.0. Great job.

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