Think Big: 7 Careers for Big-Picture People

Jul 24, 2012 -
Ever notice how almost everybody says they’re “detail-oriented” on their LinkedIn profile? You’d think it was the most prized skill for every single person, in every single job. But what if you’re not detail-oriented? What if you’re good at seeing the forest (forget those trees!)? Don’t cower in shame: you’ve got a big-picture career skill that can win over the detail-oriented people any day. As a big-picture person, it’s not that you ignore details—you’re just drawn to ideas first. You have the ability to synthesize lots of information into one holistic vision. You’ve got a mind for wide-angle, strategic thinking. You’re good at spotting the latest trends. So celebrate your visionary skills, and check out these prime career choices:

1. Entrepreneur

Big ideas, curiosity and the ability to connect the dots are the DNA of a good entrepreneur. Your forward-thinking ideas not only create new products and innovations; they inspire the people around you to reach higher (and invest in your company!). Average salary: Highly varied

2. Fashion Stylist

As a fashion stylist, you’ve got a knack for seeing trends and pinpointing the next Big Thing or “It” Bag before it really takes off. What’s more, you specialize in putting together the overall visual design of outfits, closets and fashion shows. Average salary: $82,000

3. Software Architect

As a Software Architect, your ability to understand and solve software challenges from a high level is what sets you apart. Not only do you design new software; you’re often in charge of the entire project—which means you see it through from thinking up the first idea to putting on the finishing touches. Average salary: $93,000

4. Campaign Manager

You’re the strategic mind behind successful political campaigns. Like other careers in advertising and marketing, the challenge of this job lies in identifying and tapping into people’s ideas, interests and emotions to get them to buy what you’re selling. And in this case, it’s a politician. Average salary: $84,000

5. Life Coach

In this career, you empower people to reach their goals—whether that’s writing a book, finding a new job or creating stronger relationships. You help your clients take a big-picture view of their own lives, allowing them to identify patterns and take their lives in a new direction. Average Salary: $46,000

6. Organizational Development Consultant

You guide organizations through the process of making big-scale shifts like restructurings, mergers or changes in management. It’s your job to see how the system functions as a whole. When you find problem areas, you make adjustments to help them run better, smoother and more efficiently. Average salary: $99,000

7. Futurist

In this unusual marketing career, you spot shifting trends that provide clues to forecast the future. Even though it sounds like fortune telling, your work has real-world importance: your wide-scale reports help guide business decisions. It just doesn’t get much more big-picture than predicting the future. Average salary: $72,000 Salary information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Annie Favreau works for Inside Jobs, a site that helps people discover careers they’ll love and find the education to make it happen. Join the conversation on Twitter at @InsideJobs!