Showing a genuine appreciation of others – and making the effort to share that appreciation out loud – will do more than make that person’s day.

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Showing a genuine appreciation of others – and making the effort to share that appreciation out loud – will do more than make that person’s day. It could also make your day, giving a boost to your career.


Passing on positive information about someone else empowers three people: the person you’re talking to, the person you’re talking about, and you.

Say you’re telling a friend that a particular colleague has first-class expertise in a particular subject area. That person then knows where to turn in future for that type of information. You’ve helped them, shed positive light on your co-worker’s abilities, and made yourself valuable in the process.

Here’s what praising others shows about you:

  • You’re a good networker; you’re happy to share that information rather than keeping it to yourself
  • You’re detail-oriented because you notice qualities in others
  • You are positive – and who doesn’t want positive energy around?
  • You’re a good employee who wants what’s best for the organization, even if it means shining a positive light on someone else rather than yourself
  • You value expertise
  • You are happy to share your opinions, therefore also giving others an opportunity to share their opinions with you
  • You’re a good communicator
  • You know people, and your network includes quality workers
  • You have a certain amount of trust in the person you’re sharing this information with, and you care about them enough to share that useful information

Plus, you’re networking at the same time. If you pass on this praise in the right place at the right time, then you could be doing some pretty big favors. And that’s what good networking is all about, connecting people who need each other.

All this reward from one seemingly insignificant comment!

And there’s more.

If you praise others from time to time, you probably have a habit of looking for the positives in people. You may be less likely to complain about others and prefer to see the good before seeing the bad. This means that when you do see something bad, you’ve already given that person several chances, and you may even offer a more balanced and objective view.

Plus, if you praise others when it is merited and at the right time, others will be more likely to will praise you.

Be genuine

Let’s not get carried away though. If you just go around saying nice things about everybody all the time, it’s probably not genuine, and you will soon be ignored. The individual you’re complimenting has to merit the praise for this to work in your favor.

If you are genuinely someone who looks for the good in others and offers praise where praise is due, people will want to be around you. They’ll want to benefit from your optimism. With co-workers, that probably means the quality of the work you will get from them will be high, since they chose to work with you in the first place, and all that praise makes them feel appreciated.

Are you convinced? Who will you praise today?

You can find Alan Chatfield at Life’s Too Good, a blog about helping you gain more out of life and enjoy it to its fullest.


  1. WorkSimple

    Alan, you are completely spot-on. Praise is incredibly valuable to both employer and employee. Even a little praise can be the encouragement we need to get going and work better.

    At WorkSimple, we have a Praise app just for this exact reason. When praise is easier to share, everyone will jump on the bandwagon.

  2. Sudangautam

    Totally agree. You have gone into few details and i really enjoyed it. Yeah! sharing about the good attributes of someone and raising expectation to them really helps in organization too. People will try to meet your expectation and in the end it will help in organization’s productivity too. My rule is praise the people and raise expectation so that they will do their best.

    • Alan | Life's Too Good

      Apologies Sudangautam,

      I did reply to your comment but it looks like somehow my reply did not get posted.

      Perhaps because given your comment above, I included a link to a related article I thought you may be interested in. Just in case I’ll post this reply now then and perhaps try again with the link later.

      Many thanks for your comment and I completely agree with your rule – it’s a good rule!

      • Alan | Life's Too Good

        fyi – I did add a link to that article in a follow-up comment, the comment appeared then disappeared again – it was an article on Cicero’s 6 mistakes of man- the point being that your comment & my article are basically the opposite of Cicero’s 1st mistake.

        Click on my name above this comment and you should get to the article – either DISQUS or BrazenCareerist obviously don’t like links being put inline in the comments.

        • Alan | Life's Too Good

          Wow that didn’t work. This comment system is really restrictive. Why shouldn’t I be allowed to share a relevant article with you. OK in case you’re interested, click on my name to go to Life’s Too Good, then click on the ‘Life’ menu – it will be the 2nd or 3rd article on that page…

          no worries if not but I just don’t like being so restricted by such a comment system – they’re meant to stop spam, not stop people adding value…

          take care & best wishes,

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