If you've ever sat in on a meeting that has almost bored you to tears, these tips are sure to prevent that from happening again!

How do you make your professional life more awesome? Sometimes it takes a new job. Sometimes it’s a little technique or idea that can make a huge difference. The question is how do you move your career from where you are to off-the-charts amazing?

In our podcast series, we’re hoping to provide insights and answers to that very question. We talk to people who have amazing jobs, are doing something really cool, or have a neat tip or story to share, and we ask them how they did it. So listen along for good information and some inspiration, too.

Have you ever been stuck in a meeting that just makes you want to scream from boredom or frustration? Like lift your butt-off-the-chair-and-roar type of thing?

The good news: meetings don’t have to be that way. The maybe not-so-good news: you have to be bold enough to actually do something about it.

To learn exactly how to make meetings a less dreaded experience, I interviewed Jon Petz, a time management expert who is the author of “Boring Meetings Suck.”

As a corporate executive, Jon started thinking about meeting efficiency because he couldn’t stand boring meetings. In fact, he stopped attending meetings all together. When some of his coworkers challenged him to run a meeting he’d actually like to attend, Jon came up with ground rules and ran his first productive meeting. He refined his ideas even more and eventually left his job to work on this full time. These days, he helps other companies improve their meetings and also works as a motivational speaker and magician.

In the podcast, Jon discusses his unique career path (hey, I’d never met anyone who has done this before!) and provides some excellent tips on how to have productive meetings — even when you’re the youngest person in the room. To get a flavor of his approach, here are five components every meeting should have, according to Jon:

  1. Meetings must have a clear focus. The first five minutes is dedicated to stating the clear objective and desired outcome of the meeting.
  2. Meetings shall not be held to just review material. Materials shall be reviewed before any meetings are held. If material has not been reviewed, then no meeting shall be held. If the material has not been reviewed at the time the meeting begins, then the meeting shall be cancelled and rescheduled.
  3. Meeting shall be used to resolve, develop and interact creatively and amicably.
  4. Meeting presenters are not allowed to prepare in FRONT of the audience. They must come prepared or not come at all.
  5. NEVER ask or allow “What did I miss?” Do not let stragglers commandeer control of the floor. Do not aggravate, punish and disrespect the other people in your conference. Do not rehash what has already been discussed.

Just hit play below or download it later to hear more about how to make meetings suck less. And if you’ve got any tips on how to manage effective meetings, let us know in the comments!


  1. Mohan Gupta

    1.Conduct meeting in a room where there are no chairs. That means meeting is held standing. Meeting will get concluded fast, resolving the issues, achieving the objectives for which it was called.
    2. We need not to be present physically for a meeting. We can conduct meeting on “Hangout” of Google+ or by Conference call or on Skype . I am sure it would not be boring.

  2. Graeme winchester

    Have a clear objective of what result you want the meeting to achieve. Control the proceedings, as a young person myself it is easy to be controlled by an older more experienced person, own the room, be confident and you will be respected.

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