Be Known for Your Ideas with Your Brazen Careerist Social Resume

Mar 09, 2010 -

Since diving into the world of social media I’ve had countless inspired ideas and conversations about business, entrepreneurship, Generation Y and more. I’ve also been able to create some amazing connections and relationships based on these conversations. What I’ve realized is that the social media tools we use every day give us the power to be known for our ideas. It’s pretty amazing stuff.

The only problem is that all of these great ideas get lost in the shuffle of real time status updates, endless blog archives, and short attention spans. If I wanted to show someone what my online persona was all about, I would have to dig up a bunch of old links and point them all over the internet. It works, but it’s certainly not efficient.

Today, we launched Social Resumes to combat this problem and to make your everyday use of social media truly useful for your career.

A Social Resume is the first of its kind, active, live resume that lets you showcase your top ideas from around the web and share them in one convenient place. It’s a resume that highlights your thoughts and future plans as much as your past experience.

Thousands of people are already engaging in conversations and feeding blog posts and tweets into their Brazen Careerist profiles. Now you can scan all of this activity, determine what best represents your professional brand, and add it directly to your Social Resume. If you don’t want to dig through old posts or you have some great ideas that aren’t on Brazen Careerist yet, you can go directly to your Social Resume and add a top idea in the box provided.

Here’s a screen shot of my Social Resume to illustrate:

 We’ve been beta testing Social Resumes for the past week, and I’m already blown away by the ideas people are sharing and the different ways everyone is using their Social Resume.

Emily Jasper browsed through her activity and added her blog post “Hi My name is Emily and I’m pro corporate” as one of her top ideas. People can now go directly to Emily’s Social Resume to read all 12 comments and join the conversation right there.

Dale Beermann took a different angle and decided to enter some ideas directly into his Social Resume. Dale’s #3 top idea says,

“Engineering is only a means to determine and achieve a particular goal, not the goal in and of itself.

He makes a great point.

Ellen Nordahl took an even different approach. Ellen gave a quick explanation of one of her favorite blog posts, “Starting over in the same city” and then linked directly to the post. Readers can now visit Ellen’s blog to join the conversation, or leave a comment on her Social Resume.

The coolest thing about your Social Resume is that it can be used however you choose. You have 10 chances to show the world the ideas that best compliment your traditional resume and represent your professional brand.

Traditional resumes show people your experience; what you’ve done, where you’ve worked and what you’ve accomplished. This is all useful information, but it doesn’t provide any insight into how you think or what you plan to do in the future. You show the world these things every day when you engage in conversations online. Now you have a place to showcase it all.

To learn more about Social Resume’s and see a tutorial video on how to use them, check out our Social Resume reference page.