Top 10 "Productivity" Apps for Young Professionals

Mar 03, 2011 -
by Jason H. Parker   We here at Brazen love Web and mobile applications. So we’ve compiled a list of our favorite free applications utilized by young professionals.We'd love to hear your favorites!

10. Google Docs

With a new feature that enables users or teams to collaborate using “categories,” Google Docs has become a must-use tool for young professionals working in teams. Use Docs to collaborate on documents, produce easy online surveys or information forms and selectively share editing and viewing rights with key constituents.

9. Remember the Milk

RtM helps you organize your tasks and to-do lists. You can set due dates, postpone or repeat tasks, add notes and even print relevant checklists. RtM also integrates with Gmail, as well as many other services that allow add-ons, and has an incredible iPhone application.

8. and

A two-for-one financial special! Both LearnVest and Mint helps users budget and track their finances. Additionally, Mint provides a secure page to keep all of your financial information in one place. LearnVest offers financial “bootcamps” and regular tips on how to budget as a young professional. Great tips on financial security and investing make these web apps an easy choice for our top 10 list.

7. (Mind For Two)

This web app is a great tool for visual mind-mapping. This is a wonderful tool to use for brainstorming and visualizing top ideas through specific diagrams. Easy to publish, share and distribute to relevant audiences.

6. Yelp!

Ever crave Thai food? Yelp! can help! We use Yelp! frequently to discover the most delicious restaurants in our area. Yelp’s mobile app is incredibly easy to use and always helps you track down the best way to grab a quick bite or snag a reservation for a business dinner with a top client.

5. Grooveshark

It’s the YouTube of music! Grooveshark allows users to upload, search and share music. Top users build out libraries, playlists and favorite songs. It’s a great way to build the perfect playlist to help you complete that urgent project by 5:00 p.m. and get out of your office and on to networking events!

4. Dropbox

A web app and a desktop app that allows users to back up files, access them online and share with several people to improve team functionality, Dropbox is free, with up to 2 GB of space to back up your files. Use as a coworking resource or as an easy and affordable way to back up important files!

3. Academic Earth

You’re a successful young professional, but this doesn’t mean you’re not interested in continued learning! We love Academic Earth, which is a free resource of academic lectures on every subject imaginable (computer science, psychology, entrepreneurship) from highly reputable institutions like Princeton, Harvard and Yale.

2. PicNik and Imgur

Another two-for-one special! We love the easy image manipulation that online photo editor PicNik and Web-based image shortener Imgur provide. Use PicNik to quickly edit photos and Imgur to quickly publish your image to your website or to your social networks.

1. Gmail

You probably already have a Gmail account; if you don’t, then go get one. Gmail, which features a search-oriented interface, as well as a thread view to track email history, has built the pinnacle of free Web mail. Be sure to check out the “labs” section of Gmail, which helps users maximize their Web mail experience. What did we forget? Which apps do you use to maximize your productivity? Share with us below!