This infographic from College@Home shows just how many recent grads have moved in with Mom and Dad.

Thinking of moving in with Mom and Dad while you get your working feet on the ground?

It’s not something to hang your head about — a lot of your peers are considering it, too, or maybe already back living with the ‘rents.

This infographic from College@Home shows just how common the so-called “boomerang effect” really is — Have a look!

And let us know in the comments: Are you living with your parents? How is that helping you get a leg up?

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  1. Alison Elissa Coaching

    I love infographics! Thanks for sharing.

    I had to re-read the stat about 53.6% of young adults with bachelor’s degrees being jobless or underemployed several times. I kept reading it as ‘jobless or unemployed’, and I was like, huh?, that can’t be right. Underemployed makes much more sense.

  2. Tom M. Southern

    Sad facts! It’s just another way of showing how much education is becoming undervalued. Not just by Business, but by universities themselves.

    They still peddle the idea that degrees are the answer to a better life that that lived by a non-grad.

    I dropped out of high school. I’m in my late forties. I earn the same, barring increments for length of service, etc, as graduates of equivalent age and service to me, doing the same job.

    Recent graduates are entering my profession (non-nursing health work) at lower salary than ever before. They also lack aptitude, cause-and-effect awareness and basic common sense. They seem reluctant to listen or take constructive feedback. Their knowledge is poor and theory-based. Their practical placements seem to have given them little practical awareness.

    It’s not their fault. Universities teach theory. They think that just because someone gets good grades in school, that they’re able to access information, apply that information both directly and indirectly to a wide, and rapidly changing, variety of human situations. Not so.

    In the end, it’s about universities waking up to the fact that their courses do not prepare graduates for.
    real life. Rather, they offer false hope and promise.

    Graduates must feel cheated.

    Time to answer, I think. Universities are not giving value for money. The figures show it.

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