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How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Volunteer During Work Hours

By Marian Schembari • July 16, 2015 • , ,
Interested in volunteering in your community, but feeling pressed for time as it is? You may be able to give back during your regular workday -- if you know how to convince your boss to implement an employee volunteer program.

Want to Close the Wage Gap? Stop Asking About Salary History

By Marian Schembari • June 2, 2015 • , , ,
Everyone’s talking about how to end the wage gap. One Google exec says eliminating this one interview question could be a huge help.

Tech Jobs: Here’s What to Expect While Interviewing With a Startup

By Marian Schembari • March 23, 2015 • , , , ,
Interviewing with the next big tech startup? It’s smart to go after tech jobs, but make sure you know how the job search is different in this industry. Here’s how to prepare.

Live in San Francisco? Don’t Miss These 10 Hot Networking Events

By Marian Schembari • May 7, 2014 • ,
We’re bringing our networking series to San Francisco! Here are 10 fun events in the city that will help you meet interesting new people who share your interests.

Ace the GMAT: 5 Ways to Increase Your Score That No Counselor Will Tell You

By Marian Schembari • March 25, 2014 • ,
Really want to rock the GMAT this year? Here are five effective ways to tackle the test you probably haven’t tried yet (and they might even be fun).

4 Organizational Job-Hunting Tricks You Haven’t Tried

By Marian Schembari • January 10, 2014 • , ,
Transform your job search with these tech-savvy organizational tips.

Think You Have What It Takes to Be a Social Media Manager?

By Marian Schembari • October 30, 2012 • , ,
You’ve gotta do more than play on Facebook all day to be a social media manager. Here’s what to expect.

How To Network Your Way Into a Job Without Looking Desperate

By Marian Schembari • October 15, 2012 •
You know by now that networking is the only real way into your dream job. But are you doing it right?

How Neglecting Your Blog Can Help You Accomplish Big Dreams

By Marian Schembari • September 5, 2012 •
We’re told never to stop blogging once we start, but sometimes a hiatus is the best thing we can do for ourselves.

Why You Still Don’t Have a Job

By Marian Schembari • June 14, 2012 •
Before you complain to me or your mom or anyone else, you’d better have done everything in your power to secure a job.