Make your events stand out with these 5 cool apps!
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If you want to create serious exposure for your event, you need to use the right apps, online software, and resources to enhance how you connect with your audience.

Here’s an interesting statistic about webinars and online events, especially the ones that are free: They are attended by only about 25% of the people who registered (disclaimer: this statistic is what we have observed in-house). Paid events usually have a greater registration to attendance ratio, because of the added commitment of having paid for a spot.

Either way, this statistic means that you have to drive at least 4X more traffic to your event page to expect a 100% attendance.

Here are 5 event marketing apps to help expand your audience reach online.

1. DrumUp for social media exposure & traffic generation

event marketing

Social networks are immensely important in reaching potential attendees, because most people spend a lot of time on social, and share their interests and plans. However, capturing their attention can be hard, especially if your only plan is to share promotional content.

With a social media management tool like DrumUp, you can curate content related to the event, use @mentions and hashtags to increase exposure, and share a healthy balance of event promotions and related content created by industry experts.

The tool lets you set up keywords to curate content, and schedule original and curated posts with suggested hashtags and @mentions across multiple social media accounts.

By scheduling posts in advance, you can also pay more attention to one-on-one interaction.

2. Canva for easy multi-purpose graphic design

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Visuals are an indispensable part of event marketing; be it on billboards, social media or your website. The more outstanding and intriguing your visuals are, the more attention you are likely to get online and offline.

With graphic design software like Canva, you can choose from canvases of different sizes, use visually appealing built-in templates, icons, backgrounds and shapes, and quickly put together images for different purposes (social media, or banner ads for your event).

The company even has a design community to help inspire and create your visuals.

3. SimplyMeasured for content marketing feedback & decision-making

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Analytics can tell you what’s working, what isn’t and how you can maximize referrals and traffic to your website. Analytics data is also a crucial part of identifying patterns and insights that can help you boost your content marketing efforts.

With a social media analytics tool like SimplyMeasured, you can monitor social media engagement on your brand accounts and use that data as feedback to constantly refine and better your audience outreach efforts.

The tool also lets you track conversions, so you can identify content directly resulting in event registrations.

4. IFTTT for real-time event marketing & building brand buzz

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The buzz you create around an event on the actual day is just as important as what you do before it. By initiating conversations around your event among attendees, you not only catch the attention of prospects who couldn’t attend, but possibly turn them into fans/customers.

IFTTT is a process automation tool that has several ‘recipes’ for content marketers. For instance, you can set all posts with your event hashtag to be automatically shared on your Twitter account. You can also set all tweets mentioning your event to be stored on a spreadsheet for future analysis.

There are many more recipes on IFTTT that you can explore and use to increase buzz about your event.

5. for visual marketing & harnessing User Generated Content on Instagram

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Social proof is instrumental is building a powerful brand as an event. That’s way events are always talking about how many attendees their last format/version attracted.

Visual social proof can be even more powerful and memorable.

With a visual marketing tool like, you can co-create visual content with attendees (on Instagram) and powerfully increase the event’s visual social media presence. This tool can also be tied up with a live contest or photo-related activity that can happen during the event.

Event marketing isn’t easy in today’s busy society where people are constantly being interrupted. To catch the attention of your target audience and drive them to act, you need great content and the means to increase its exposure. This tools on this post can give you a great beginning.

Jessica Davis represents Godot Media, a leading E-Book writing service firm. Her areas of interest include social media and content marketing, science and fashion.

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