Are you using the right tools to make your events a splash?
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In one sense, event marketing has never been more difficult. There are enormous challenges associated with cutting through the marketing “noise” and delivering a message to your audience. Yet, in another sense, event marketing is now easier than ever before. You have access to digital resources that marketers in the past would have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to use. The question is, are you using the right tools to advance your event marketing efforts in the right way?

The 7 apps

One of the most cost-effective ways to improve your strategy, reach, and efficiency is to load your mobile devices with the right apps.

To become a better event marketer, try:

1. Snapchat – While not an event marketing-specific app, Snapchat helps you create meaningful content and quickly distribute it through the right channels. With Snapchat, you can keep customers and followers who aren’t present up to date with what’s happening. Think of it as a powerful branding tool that lets you engage people by building excitement around your event.

2. Bizzabo – This simple app interface makes it easy to develop landing pages for your events, manage registration and ticket sales, and connect everyone who is involved with the execution of the event. It can also be used to connect event attendees and build a community among your audience.

3. DoubleDutch – If you’re heading up a live event or conference in which attendees need to be able to access content, then an event app is a necessity. The problem is that it’s incredibly time-consuming and costly to develop your own app from scratch. DoubleDutch allows you to quickly create your own app for each event with interfaces that are simple and intuitive

4. Evernote – In order to easily organize information and ideas, coordinate execution, and share files with other team members, you need an app like Evernote. It is essentially your mobile notepad. Jot down anything and everything, save links, upload files, and sync across all of your devices.

5. Boomset – If event registration is something that you have to deal with, you’ll find Boomset to be a useful app. The entire app is focused on event registration and lets you check attendees in using a QR scanner. It can also integrate with a printer to print things like wristbands, badges, and tickets.

6. Periscope – Periscope is a live-streaming video app that allows your stream to be found geographically. So, if you’re hosting an event and choose to live stream some of it, people in the surrounding area will automatically see your stream in their feed. This can provide a nice little boost on the day of the event.

7. Hootsuite – Social media obviously plays a big role in event marketing, but sometimes the fragmented nature of these different platforms can make it more of a headache than anything else. With Hootsuite, you can manage multiple social accounts in a single interface. Hootsuite makes it simple to schedule posts, track brand mentions, analyze traffic, send messages, and respond to followers without having to switch back and forth between multiple apps.


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In addition, to supplement live events and create virtual ones, planners and marketers can take advantage of all-in-one tools like Brazen, through which you can plan and promote your event, and even host, track, and monitor what’s going on through their chat-based platform. Brazen lets you facilitate and do the follow-up to both mobile and live events without ever leaving its app.

Arm yourself with the right tools

When it comes to event marketing, you need to picture yourself like a construction worker approaching a new job site. In order to be prepared for the challenges that await you on any given day, you must have the right tools with you. Identify and utilize the correct apps to make your event a complete success!

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