Do the hustle! Show employers that you can take risks, and stress.
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What starts off as a passion project can turn into a profitable small business —  if you invest enough time and energy into getting your ideas up and running.

For job candidates who have benefited from starting a side hustle, talking it up in job interviews can put them miles ahead of the competition. For those hiring, it means a candidate has certain qualities others don’t have.

Here are six reasons why a side hustle business makes someone more attractive to hire:

It’s hard work starting a business

Potential candidates who have taken the initiative to start their own business appreciate the huge amount of stress and risk company bosses go through to maintain standards and grow over time — but they also appreciate that not all stress is bad, and that some stress is intrinsic to optimum performance.

Starting your own business is an extraordinary feat that requires a huge amount of self-belief and dedication. Candidates who can relate to this entrepreneurial mindset will be more likely to respect a company’s core values and see how their role benefits the business’ overall performance.

Perfecting the art of the pitch

In job interviews, recruiters need to believe that the candidate is enthusiastic and capable of performing the role to the best of their abilities.

For candidates who have experience in selling something other than their personal attributes, recruiters can sense that they have perfected the art of the sales pitch and can, therefore, be trusted in relaying the company ethos to the general public.  

Overcoming setbacks

If someone has faced difficulties and setbacks in running their own small business, they will have developed the ability to deal with problems in a practical way.

Keeping calm under pressure is a great personality trait to possess. However, candidates who have never had the opportunity to maintain composure under pressure (because they’ve never put themselves ‘out there’) may fall behind those who have been bold enough to start their own small business.

Developing many transferable skills

Company founders face a significant learning curve when starting their own company, even if it’s just a small home-based business. If you consider yourself a ‘jack of all trades,’ try your hand at running your own business. In doing so, business owners will have perfected:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping techniques
  • Marketing skills
  • General management skills (relating to stock, inventory or equipment maintenance)
  • Networking and interpersonal communication skills

Their willingness to try something new demonstrates tenacity – a highly desirable trait in a potential employee.

Understanding how businesses are structured

In cultivating their own success on independent terms, candidates with a ‘side hustle’ business understand how everyone’s roles within a company fit together to make for a highly productive team. In liaising with coworkers, these candidates have a better understanding of the needs of others.

For example, a candidate who has decided to create an online store will appreciate some of the nuances of graphic design, even if they’re not an expert. They can provide an extra source of design feedback. Or they may be able to help out along other steps in the supply chain, as and when required.

Motivated by more than just money

Studies have shown that the millennial generation of job applicants are motivated by more than just a decent paycheck. In choosing their ideal roles to apply for, things like company culture, social consciousness, and ethical standards will all factor into their decision-making process.

After running a small business, their application presents a deeper enthusiasm for a company’s values. This is because they could potentially generate income autonomously, so there must be another factor motivating them to apply.

Asking the right questions

For anyone who is interested in running their own business, learning everything you can about generating profits will keep your business afloat. From marketing tips to supply and logistics, a candidate with their own business goals will be enthusiastic to learn and adapt to constructive feedback to help increase the company’s value in real terms.

As you can see, candidates who run a side hustle business can bring a great deal of talent and positive energy to a company. In choosing the ideal candidate, recruiters can look at transferable skills, as well as attitude to working life in general.

Victoria Greene is a freelance writer and creator of the recently launched VictoriaEcommerce blog. She works as an ecommerce branding consultant, and likes to share her best tips with other digital enthusiasts!

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