Sales Jobs: How Moving to a New City Could Help You Find a New Job

By Robyn Melhuish • May 15, 2015 • , , ,
If your sales career has stalled, it may be time to explore a new location. These tips can help you choose the right city for professional growth, one that has lots of sales jobs available.

Live in San Fran? Here’s How to Launch Your Sales Career

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If you live in or near San Francisco, love the idea of launching your career in sales and want to work for a company consistently ranked in the top 100 “Best Companies to Work For,” we’ve got an event for you.

Why You Should Love Your Sales Team, Even If You Don’t Like Sales

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“Salesy” can often be mistaken for sleazy. But your sales team is important. Here’s why you should trust them.

5 Tips for Recruiters Who Want to Hire Strong Salespeople

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Most of your company’s revenue (and your paycheck) comes from the success of your sales team. Follow these tips to recruit and hire a successful sales force.

The Best Ways to Sell Yourself and Get the Job You Want

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Even if you’re not applying for a sales position, you need to understand the basics of sales so you can sell yourself. These tips will get you started.

Are you a Sales Rock Star? Come Work for Brazen!

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If the idea of working for a fast-paced, fast-growing and innovative company sounds appealing, stop by our Brazen Sales Digital Open House.

The Smartest Way to Think About Your Resume

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When was the last time you thought about your resume in a context other than needing to get it updated or submitted? Probably never.

Why You Should Consider Taking That Sleazy Sales Job

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Learning to sell is one of the best skills you can bring to your career — and life.

The Only Question You Need to Ask About A Commission-Based Job

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Think that commission-based job sounds too good to be true? It probably is. Here are two very important questions to ask a potential employer.