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5 Fresh Ways to Enhance Your Recruiting Using Social Media

The element of surprise will keep your social media tactics fresh!

Universities: Step Up Your Video Marketing Strategies!

By Irene Leiner • August 8, 2017 • , ,
Are you using video the right way? Follow these tips to give your flicks a zing!

Social Media No-nos for Recent Grads

By Cindy Madden • May 18, 2017 • ,
Yes, even your private social account is checked by potential employers. Avoid these mistakes.
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How to Use Facebook Lead Gen Ads to Recruit Candidates

Facebook lead gen ads are a great way to find candidates you might not otherwise reach.

New Ways to Use Social Media to Attract Prospective Students

By Sally Acquire • February 23, 2017 • , , , ,
Why social media should be a key part of your strategy to attract more students to your university
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4 Exciting Examples of Schools Who Are Snapchat Smart

By Bethany Showers • September 14, 2016 • , , , ,
Snapchat users send more than 400 million Snaps per day in 2016. Is your school using this exciting new channel?

How to Kill It at Snapchat for Higher Education

By Bethany Showers • May 24, 2016 • , , ,
"Did you get my Snap?" Here's how to better engage students with their favorite app.

7 Stealth Tips for Looking for a New Job While Employed

By Maddy Bertelsen • April 22, 2015 • , , , ,
If you’re not satisfied at work, it can be easy to let your secret job search drift into the office. Here are a few rules you need to follow before you hand in your resignation and look for a new job.

Using Facebook at Work: How Social Media Laws Affect Your Job

By Samantha Stauf • February 19, 2015 • , , ,
If you use Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites, do you know who can see your posts? If your employer can, you’ll want to read this to see how the information you share online can -- or can’t -- affect your job.

Do You Know Who You’re Hiring? Why You Need a Social Recruiting Strategy

By Charlotte Ritter • February 17, 2015 • , ,
If you’re a recruiter, you’re likely using LinkedIn to find your next employee. But are these candidates really who they appear to be on paper -- or are their other social media profiles a little too squeaky clean?